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Seriously? Fabulous, I had an hour and a half between shifts yesterday...I would have loved wifi access!
My old store had a wifi network. If I remember correctly it was named target. I used to surf the web on my iPod touch on lunch. Hardly anyone knew about it. It disappeared for a while and I got the impression that there was a disagreement between the execs over whether or not we should have it.

It reappeared later. It was cool!
Sounds like all stores will have it installed over the next few weeks. Ours is an overnight install next week. Cell phone use by the team is about to get out of control......
Well I'm guessing it's really for the guests. A lot of other companies do it, Target has to keep up. But it'll save me a lot on data :) When I'm on break, of course.
Kind of sucks, HR just got word of the wifi and is claiming they will be watching team members if they bust out phones. We also were informed that we can no longer use our iPod dock in back, because they don't want to have to determine if its an an mp3 player or a phone.
PS: Target is rolling out mobile registers at 5 very high volume stores as a pilot. I doubt they're connected to this, though. Most likely the existing wifi/bluetooth network.
Ah I heard something about this... the equipment was delivered to us last week, and I overheard the BR TM's talking about it. Well here we go, now we have to keep an eye on the Nook Tablet displays >_>
From what I understand its only going to be in food Ave. In a store that's fairly large that's not going to cover the whole store.

Our stores wifi install is complete. Ill test it next time I work.
Our store has had wifi since I started and it's good throughout the store. I compare prices on my iPad all the time. Here's the privacy policy, in part:

We automatically collect information about your use of the Wireless Service ("Service"), including:

Utilization data — e.g. # of users of Service by Store
Session data — e.g. length of session
Type of device — e.g. iPhone, Blackberry
Browser data — e.g. browser version, IP address
Store data — e.g. address of store where device used
Use of Target services — e.g. mobile coupons redeemed
Device ID number
With your consent, we also collect:

Web sites and pages visited — e.g.,
Ways we use the information we collect include:

Internal Operations — e.g., enhancing the effectiveness of the Service, analyzing how the Service is used, and improving our stores and mobile experience
Legal Compliance — e.g., assist law enforcement and respond to subpoenas
Marketing — e.g., banner ads, mobile coupons
With Your Consent, Enhanced Marketing and Analytics — e.g., deliver personalized marketing (such as relevant coupons based on the sites and pages you visit) and perform additional internal analytics (such as competitive analysis).

and by privacy, I mean you have none. ;)
This probably has to do with the shopkick app. A member of AP asked how many use shopkick and said that we'd be hearing more about it in the near future. AP also mentioned not to use while clocked in. :gamer3:
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