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MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Plano thread!

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Formina Sage, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    Poll: is your pptl a srtl or just a non -key holder?
  2. SigningLady

    SigningLady Team Member

  3. SitSpotSit

    SitSpotSit Team Member

    Non key holder.
  4. Shirohime

    Shirohime Team Member

    Non-key holder.
  5. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Non key holder
  6. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Ours is a keyholder but not a Sr.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  7. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    So how much of a pain are overnights with a non key holder as pptl?
  8. YourPPTL

    YourPPTL Team Member

    I'm a dayside non key. I was offered. A key said no too much work. Pptl is enough work.
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  9. SitSpotSit

    SitSpotSit Team Member

    The pain is probably for our etl who has to be there. She can't set but she pulls our batches so that's cool.
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  10. jenna

    jenna Team Trainer

    Our TL is a SrTL - has keys
  11. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    Isn't a key 1 more dollar/hr? Opening and closing a door isn't that difficult.
  12. Ajax11

    Ajax11 Team Member

    If it's just being a key carrier the $1/hr is well worth it, Sr isn't really worth the extra headaches.
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  13. YourPPTL

    YourPPTL Team Member

    Sorry if all you do is lock and unlock a door as a Sr TL. Then you do a shitty job. There's alot more to it then that. And the PPTL. Is a huge job. So no thank you. With all this end to end I'd take it now...when my job goes away.
  14. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    They used to give non-seniors $1.00 for carrying keys. So a flow TL could get his trucks started and not be a senior, or a PPTL could bring his team in at 4 without needing an LOD. Seniors got the senior raise, as well as the dollar. I think it changed recently. We have a TL with keys who didn't get the dollar, and I think flow has to be a senior now.
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  15. Noiinteam

    Noiinteam Team Leader

    Sr tl
  16. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    Key carrier and SrTL are 2 completely different things. As Yetive said, all key carriers do is unlock the door, to let the team in early before any ETLs/SrTLs show up. When you say you were offered a key, you're inferring that you would be a key carrier with no LOD responsibilities. Which begs the question - unlocking the door for a 1$ raise is too much work? My store used to have a key carrying PPTL and now has a key carrying Flow TL.
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  17. YourPPTL

    YourPPTL Team Member

    Sorry..what I was referring too was a Sr TL that is what I was offered. Not just a key.. Of couse I would have taken a key. For a dollar more in pay. Our key carriers only unlock doors and shut down alarms. Not a big deal.
  18. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    BTS adjacency arrived today :mad:o_O:eek::eek::eek:
  19. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Same. Saw the dual locs dots first. :(
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  20. tellmeaboutatime

    tellmeaboutatime Team Trainer

    Saw it as I was going to lunch. Lost my appetite.....