1. A

    Planogram Colors Meaning

    What do the colors on various items on the POG indicate? Not the strip at the top, which usually indicates if the set is a Transition or a Revision, but the colors on the actual items in the image. Sometimes they're anything from red or yellow to cyan and purple. I assume some of them indicate...
  2. I

    New Presentation Team Lead

    Having just become the presentation team lead right before the next big transition set, I’m only slightly worried about how to get this whole sorting out the work to my team (my team being 3 whole people counting myself 😂). My SrTL who had the position before me has been showing me how he did...
  3. signingminion

    Burlington, VT Store 3306

    Heading up to planorama this week. Excited to share pics. Not excited that the hotel is the only one out of three without complimentary breakfast and they've backed out of a stipend for dinner now....
  4. M

    Sales Floor Vacuum Wall

    Does anyone have any ideas on creative ways to set the Vacuum Wall so that the boxes can stay zoned in place a little better? In our store, the vacuums frequently are either overstocked or they drift to nearby pricepoints, and it becomes an unecessary hassle. When we set it, I'm hoping to maybe...
  5. D

    My store being secretive about plano

    it's pretty obvious plano is pretty much dead due to e2e. when asking a stl about it they don't know what your talking about, and say there is no hours for plano. It's kinda frustrating that they can't let us know what actually going on with the team. Wondering if this is happening in other...
  6. 1334Flow

    Pricing and Presentation Orange tool

    Anyone know the official name of it? Left Target for another retail job but they don't use the orange tool for Plano. Just a hammer and a screwdriver. Not the most save way to remove the plugs off backer paper. Was hoping I could order some off any website but having a hard time searching...
  7. P

    Plano team

    I really think that there should always be a Plano team with the new changes that are about to roll out in 2019. Just like logistics team stocks the store Plano team moves sets and makes the whole store look good. Big sets they do every year. Now, who and how is this going to happened if that...
  8. D

    What's going on with plano

    Does an ybody know what's going on with plano? There's no hours at all this year for it at my store.
  9. B

    Helping out other stores

    hey everyone! I was recently asked to help out at another store for a couple weeks and this store is out of state so I’m not sure what to expect. I was told target would cover the hotel and transportation but I was wondering if that meant paying for a flight or maybe getting a gas card? Does...
  10. R

    Bullseye reset

    I have a question for anyone that has been doing bullseye resets...for 3 resets now there has been no Plano for x2(0). It’s an endcap and it’s never set. I use this a flex area. Is this every store or just mine?
  11. G

    Planorama Hours Help

    My STL is out and HR is no help. Can anyone tell me the right way to add my hours for a different store and my mileage. I am going nuts trying to figure this out. Thanks!
  12. B

    Seriously panicking - any Presentation TLs around?

    Hi guys -- Long story short, I'm a TL and I'm being moved to Presentation from Starbucks. I've never done Presentation. I barely even know what it is. I know it has to do with reading diagrams of how the store should look and planning out far in advance how to make it look that way, but past...
  13. T

    Help me explain this!

    We are training sales floor team members presentation for the last few weeks. I am clearly not getting through to a few team members on how to set a reverse POG. Can someone please give me an easy way to explain it, so a 5 year old can understand it?
  14. S


    I was hired on as a presentation team member about two weeks ago and I've just gone through my first two days of training. I did what I was doing for the first two days and that was pushing out merchandise, but today I started to really learn about what I would be doing and I felt like a deer in...
  15. S

    Sales planner

    I would like to know where and what exactly do I press to print the labels for the sales planner, also where do I go in workbench to print a visual of the sales planner.
  16. S

    Frustrated spl

    Yesterday, I was asked if I wanted to work today. I asked what exactly I would be doing. I was told basically pushing back to school. Instead, when I got there this morning, I was given a list of 5 sales planner for hba. I am a newbie at this. The sales planner labels had to be printed. I...
  17. DialMforMonkey

    Pricing and Presentation Question for Plano/Pricing TL's

    The PPTL put in her notice and recommended that I take her position. I'm busy leading a 6 week remodel in my store, so I wont be dayside to give my input for a while. I also don't know if they'll take me out of softlines, since when I came on it was a major opportunity, and we're finally seeing...
  18. S

    What's orientation like for new presentation team members?

    I just recently got hired at Target as a presentation team member and I want to know what I should expect at orientation. Is most of my time going to be spent discussing company policies or am I actually going to be out on the floor doing stuff? All I know is that I'm going to be in for some...
  19. S


    Today, I was scheduled for a presentation shift. When I got there, there was a package there with my name on it. I did not know what to do with it. There were tms there who were trained in presentation. They were looking at some paper, writing down something and getting label strips. I told...
  20. S

    Post your 4th of July displays here!

    Here is the one I did for the front end! What did your gstl or if they aren't to creatively ambitious, what did your vmtl do?