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The Things Guests Do/Pet Peeves Thread

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by NitroKing2110, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. This is the thread I thought I'd make where we can all rant about our pet peeves! Here's mine:
    1. Guests that ignore what I say because it's not the answer they want
    2. Guests that put an item less than a foot away from where it belongs
    3. Guests that sit on their phones while their children wreak utter havoc
    4. Coupon scammers
    5. The "can you tell me how much this is?" "REALLY? THAT MUCH? Never mind, I don't want it" leaving it wherever or in my hands
    6. Guests that rip off a sign from the shelf to tell me the item they want. Not only do most of them forget the "item barcode" part, I now have to figure out where that sign went and put it back
    7. Guests who make a fuss about showing ID, or who make a fuss about alcohol overrides for minors
    8. Guests who demand that I check in the back even if we have zero onhand (This is immediately followed by "oh well, it's a free 5 minute break")
    9. "Can I speak to a manager" when a manager cannot help them/because they're not getting what they want
    10. "Do you work here?" (No, I'm just dressed in red and khaki carrying a walkie, PDA, and the photo phone on my belt and organizing stuff for fun. This is an honorary nametag.)
    11. Guests who spill something and don't tell anyone
    12. "Well can't you just call the store and put it on hold for me?" No, I'm not a concierge and most of the stores in our district refuse to put an item on hold unless the ACTUAL GUEST calls
    13. The guest that demand to use my PDA to "check for themselves"
    14. Pressing the help button, and walking away, and hitting it again after I clear it and leave
    15. Guests.
  2. Vulpix

    Vulpix Are you saving 5% today?

    1. "Are you open?" No, I just stand at the end of the lanes with my light on because I have nothing better to do with my life.
    2. Guests who hand me clothes instead of putting them on the belt. you just handed me six shirts all on the hanger because you don't want them to get dirty. what the hell do you expect me to do with this? I am not an octopus, I cannot ring them all, take them off the hangers, fold and bag them without putting them down. Besides, I'm sure they have been on the floor and touched with everybody's grimy hands. This belt is the least of your worries.
    3. People who throw money on the counter instead of my open palm. So rude.
    4. People who cut me off in the middle of sentences. I hate asking for redcards. You hate being asked. I get it. Just let me finish my sentence and say "no thank you" like a civilized person.
    5. Guests on their cell phones while checking out. It is the epitome of rude. I talk to them like they're not on the phone, it makes them irritated.
    6. Guests who get mad when they do a no receipt return and I tell them they will get a gift card instead of cash. This is Target. Go buy some food or toilet paper. I am positive you can find something here to spend that gift card on.
    7. Guests who toss items they don't want in the checklanes. Just hand it to me!!
    8. People who fail to grasp the concept that if my light is off, I am closed.
    9. People who allow their children to run wild like the spawn of Satan, creating disasters in every aisle. Likewise, adults who feel the need to pick up, unfold and toss down every item in softlines right after I zoned the area.
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  3. thatcashierdude

    thatcashierdude Former Service Desk Ninja

    I usually just continue and finish my short spiel about unimportant shit, ignoring whatever they said in response to my shitty sales pitch.
    Can't buy drugs at target...yet. Gotta love the ones that ask to convert their gift cards into cash. If there is no law forcing it, we will not do it. Go to California or something if it's worth that much to you.
    This has made me paranoid whenever I turn my light off. I make obvious eye contact with any guest eyeing my lane and then look up to "check" that my light is off. Usually they get the message, the only ones I have to interact with are the ones that barge in without paying attention to my light. I wish we had some medieval contraption with spikes and a trapdoor at the end of every lane.
  4. Vulpix

    Vulpix Are you saving 5% today?

    I also finish my redcard spiel. I refuse to be interrupted. And I like the medieval spikes idea, I also want some sort of electronic device that can fry a person's cell phone and render it useless when they come through my line and are incapable of talking on the phone and swiping their card at the same time.
  5. Vulpix

    Vulpix Are you saving 5% today?

    how could I forget one of my biggest pet peeves?? When guests stare at the credit card machine and ask "wait, how do I get credit?" Or better yet keep pressing enter and insist that is what the screen says to do. I get it that every establishment has a different card reader, but come on people, ours says Right on the screen "For credit press cancel (X)". Best is when they read it out loud "For credit press enter..." THAT IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS!!!!
    1. Guests who think they can hear me through the freezer door while I'm zoning Pfresh and then get angry/annoyed when I ignored them or ask them to repeat themselves.
    2. Guests who destroy the zone the section you're zoning or you just zoned. Look what I'm doing, asshole.
    3. Guests who stare at my junk (ok, only one guest and I haven't seen him recently) or guests that follow me around trying to pick me up (Had one of these the other day; get a clue... if I'm ignoring you, I'm not interested).
    4. Guests who cannot find the cheese aisle.
    5. Guests who take the amount of bananas they want from the banded bunches.
    6. Guests who put stuff they don't want anywhere they want.
    7. Guests who put frozen in dairy and dairy in frozen. You still suck.
    8. Guests that just say one word when they want you to help them find something ("COFFEE?!")
    9. Guests that thing you're stupid because you work retail (Once went on a date with a guy who's whole demeanor changed when he learned that fact. Too bad I didn't have the balls to slap him and walk out at that time)
    10. I can go on and on.
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  6. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

    If I listed every single thing that guests do that pisses me off, the server would crash and @Formina Sage would get mad at me.
  7. Interrobang

    Interrobang Assistant Banana Orderer

    and guests who ask me if there's anything fresher in the back
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  8. OP

    NitroKing2110 TPS

    And then get mad when it's frozen or refrigerated, like what did you expect?
  9. Bullselle

    Bullselle Softy

    1. Guests who ask me where something is, and then when I say "Hmm, I'm not sure, let me check my PDA--" they interrupt me with "ugh never mind, you don't know."

    2. Guests who ask me to pull something from the back and then change their minds after I get it.

    3. Guests who get personally offended when we run out of stuff.

    4. Guests who don't use dividers on the checklanes, but then get mad when I ring up someone else's items with their purchase. RELAX. I can press the void button and the items come right off, see? Next time, use the dividers.

    5. Guests who want me to be their personal shopper, follow me around the store and ask for my opinion on every item of clothing. Bring a friend with you next time.

    6. Guests who want me to lead them directly to a particular item of clothing. For instance, they'll already be in the section where we sell scarves but they want me to show them where all the black scarves are so they have no work to do. You're already here, have a look around and find it yourself!

    7. Guests who leave shoes or clothes on the floor, and then stick around as I pick them up to give me a guilty look. If you were really so sorry about leaving them on the ground, you'd at least start picking them up with me. Also, go fuck yourself.
  10. Guests who when you look at them and say, Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good evening etc just stare at you like you slapped them and walk away.
  11. Guests who exist.
  12. defang

    defang Self Checkout's Worst Nightmare

    Guests who are knowingly sick and still go shopping anyways.
  13. Triscuit

    Triscuit Pricing Ninja

    This. Aggravates me so much! One time someone asked me where whipped cream was, and I knew it was on the back wall of dairy in grocery but from where i was standing I had to think if it was on the left side or right side from where I was. So I had to take a quick peek to figure out where it was and i guess that two second look was enough for them to say "nevermind ill find it myself". Okay then ... lol.
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  14. Bullselle

    Bullselle Softy

    I'm a germaphobe, but I have to side with the sick guests here. No one wants to go shopping when they're sick. If they're out, it's probably because they ran out of something important like soap or tooth paste. So I'll try to help them out. (But if they so much as breathe on me, we're going to have a problem.)
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  15. Bullselle

    Bullselle Softy

    You just described half of the ETLs in my store.
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  16. StackerMistress

    StackerMistress What's a team lift?

    Guests who are dissatisfied with the box their product comes in and demand I go get a duplicate with a nicer box. Bonus points if it's in an incredibly hard to reach location. Bonus bonus points if that box is "too dusty!"
  17. Forgot a big one

    1. Guests who see the expensive Kosher cheese/meat in the front endcap and then find the non-kosher cheese/meat aisle and dump the Kosher stuff in that aisle. They should pay the premium for being stupid and lazy.
  18. Guests who push carts out and say "never mind I don't need it" and leave it on the sidewalk.

    Guests who say they don't want something anymore and throw it on top of the soda fridges.

    Guests who don't empty their basket and make me do it.

    Guests who take baskets into the parking lot!

    I had a lady the other day who had a basket full of crap, her kid started emptying it onto the belt and the lady said "no no, he'll do it" and put the stuff back in the basket.
  19. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

    That's when you give them The Look and just dump the basket.