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Tips on becoming a team lead?

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by Nokiddiegloves, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. In order to promote, cross train to any work center they ask you to. Being a TL requires you to be global and knowing the whole store. Not necessarily cafe, but it doesn't hurt.
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    SASSYJJ Hardcore Hardlines TL

    Yeah. Cafe TL are hard to come by. Not everyone wants to be stuck up there... that's why I haven't cross trained there yet. Other than that, take it. They remember who declines. They won't ask ever again. Take it. Express your interest in HL. I was lucky that my HL TL left after my starting. So they immediately pulled me. Tell your STL that you are definitely interested in being in HL but if cafe is where they want you, you'll take it.
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  3. OP

    Nokiddiegloves Heel of the breakroom

    So slowly losing hope in Target- found out we are getting a new HL TL because the old one is moving back home to be closer to home. Instead of just doing interviews they just let someone from another district transfer in. I almost just want to be a HRTM so I can just work m-f and deal with no disappointment.
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  4. There are perks to being Cafe TL. Better hours (IMO), fewer TMs to develop, and it's like running your own business as you don't have to deal with anything going on in the rest of the store (for example if your BR team is terrible, it effects everyone, but not Cafe. If your SF team is bad, it effects everyone, but not Cafe). This changed a few years ago, but it was cool when Target flew me to Dallas for a couple of days to train for Pizza Hut.
  5. FA is very isolated but if I were you I would agree to take some shifts. It's notmally one of the areas in the store that suffers from a lack of leadership (not lack of leaders) but can help you show your leaders how you manage execution and how you improve the processes.
    I started in FA, I did my best to impact the inventory, took charge or the ordering, and gave myself the captainship in food safety and sales. After 11 months I was promoted to HR. Now, a year later, they still use me as support/resource/new tms training whenever they need, I am working on getting benched as a TL.
    To make it short, don't say no, it can help you gain credibility/experience for a food leader position. Agree to 2-3 days a week but try to not get stuck there because unless tou have good leadership, you are stuck.
    Hope that makes sense
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  6. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    Not all HRTM work m-f. I am a HRTM and work some weekends.
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  7. Word. If necessary I work overnights, weekends, nights. 10-15% of my shifts in the past year weren't even in HR.
    The TM before me only did M-F 9am-5pm but was not interested in developing so that worked for her.
  8. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    Same here. I will work some evenings, weekends and even overnight if needed. I spend most of my time in HR but I am always willing to help out in other work centers and learn new work centers.
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  9. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Nice! Yeah even though I write my own schedule I am very flexible with it.

    During Q4 I worked a set schedule Mon thru Friday but now that its slowed down I am working in hardlines.

    We never have HR in on weekends other than my ETL, but the store I trained at had 2 full time HRTMS so they had someone wednesday thru sunday and someone who worked monday thru friday with some overlap.

    I saw some stores have an HRTL position. I wish we did...
  10. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    My HR works weekends and nights sometimes. Does orientations on Saturdays frequently, and because so many tms work nights only, she works some closes to be available.
  11. Him


    I really thought all stores had at least a HRTL.. So the ETL of HR does the orientations and training for new tm's or do one of you guys have the "honors"?
  12. I think you have to make at least $50 mil a year to recieve an HRTL. Most stores without one use their HRTM(s) for orientation.
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  13. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    We do not (and we are a high volume store) I think the store has to have a certain value (edit thanks Targhetto) for HRTL. Yes our ETL HR does the orientations. But I know at certain stores HRTMs do it.
  14. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    We have an ETL-HR, HRTL, and two HRTMs. The HRTMs work 9-5 hours, but the others don't.
  15. 98% of the orientations are on me. I think it has been almost a year since my ETL had an orientation. But it works out great, we are a very good team and she will take anything off my plate if I need to do orientation. At the same time when she has business college/vacation/anything else I will take over her position completely with the STL blessing
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  16. At my store the ETL-HR hires people and HR TMs do orientations.
  17. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    I write my own schedule as well. As long as I get all HR related things done, my HR ETL doesn't care what time I come and what time I leave. I can not be off Mondays (payroll) and Thursdays (schedule).
    I am the only HR TM at my store which is nice because I get most of my hours in HR but I can work other work centers as well.
    My HR ETL does the orientation but they want me to start doing them this year. I screen all applicants, set them up for interviews and do the hiring process. I do most terms as well.

    We do not have a HRTL position. What is the difference between the HR TL and HR TM?
  18. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    In addition to an additional 3 to 5 dollars in pay think HRTLs are in stores with multiple HRTMs. I know in some stores the ETL HR is the assistant STL and so I would assume they probably delegate even more to their HRTLs.

    I think the biggest difference is rather than simply setting up interviews. HRTLs actually perform interviews. I have done job offers before but have never done an interview (for example on Jas my name doesnt even show up on the interviewer list)
  19. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    I would like an additional $3-$5 ;). My name is not on the JAS interviewer list either, only TLs, ETLs and the STL Names. Sounds like only very high volume stores get HR TL.
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  20. CoquiAzul

    CoquiAzul Sr. Team Leader

    My store has an HRTL. At one point we had two but then again my store is a really weird store.