Tips on becoming a team lead?

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by Nokiddiegloves, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Havent heard from you in a while, hope you are well!
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    Yeah I don't post much. Thank you! I am doing well I hope you are as well :)
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    I wouldn't say FA is a bad area to get promoted to/from. I'm currently in training for FATL. I was overseeing FA and was on bench. Another TL from a different area was overseeing FA while my TL was on leave. I took it upon myself to do what I needed to do to keep it up and running and all the ETLs and STL noticed my hard work. Even though I wasn't being paid for my hard work, I would rather be praised for being a hard worker rather than having constant asking and badgering of why my performance is subpar.

    I was mentored from my trainer that if I had a desire to move up with Target, being global was one of the factors which would help; I'd help the store where I know I can, hardlines, softlines, reshops, hopping on to help the line, small stuff like that to show my work ethic and skills. When we were closed, I took shifts or helped in other areas and I made it a point to learn all I could while I was there. I would ask other TLs if they needed help, I would be willing to take on some tasks and learn new areas. I learned how to pull from the backroom if a guest wanted an item, electronics, softlines-minus operator- and some backroom things like the equipment -compactor, jack, wave, etc.. They also mentioned RCs, but that was never my strong suit-Probably only had 1 since I started with Spot, and the guest literally walked up and asked for it.

    I was made trainer while other TL was watching. But like others have said, it is isolated from the rest of the store in general. I've learn to rely on myself, not the ETLs so much in regards to FA issues-with the exception of steritech and PH. If you're okay with being independent from the whole store, working alone most of the time, FA isn't a bad place to go to. It's a lot of hard work, that being said, to work in the kitchen.
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  4. Cafe is still not the easiest place to use work, but it has come a LONG way in being more user-friendly. I heard a while ago of another vendor was going to be taking over Cafe sort of like CVS took over the pharmacy. I wonder if anything is ever going to become of that.
  5. We have Freshii's.
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    As far as I know, my FA isn't leaving anytime soon. People love the pizzas and popcorn too much.

    Just had the SRSFTL-Hardlines-today-come up to me and say they're leaving and wanted me to take their spot. Has their ever been a FA/SFTL lol-I've heard of GSTL overlooking, etc? Wondering if my store would let me do both....
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    So they kinda dropped the whole lets throw me in FA. I actually no longer have any talks about my development. Must have lost faith in me.
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    Just plain ask. Never "assume" in this business, always do your best to get concrete answers. One thing I have learned over my years with this company is to get the facts. All that grey area, I leave for the birds!!
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    I wouldn't say they lost hope in you. I thought they didn't recognize my hard work in the beginning, but they're always watching. I know that now. I would keep doing what you do best, and keep "bugging" them, You never know what they're thinking.