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Jun 21, 2011
How much money is available per week or month or xxxxx, for TM recognition? I often see coffees, sodas, red bulls, FA meals etc. given to TM's for recognition. Is that something that could be done once a day and be okay? I feel that is something that is lacking in my store, but I didn't know if there was a deeper reason.
At my store the tl's and etl's reconize one person a month we have $5-8 for this tops. I usually try to do something more personal then Starbucks. Example my tm I know she works out a lot and loves spongebob I got her spongebob stickers and sweat bands from the party section. Yes she used the sweatbands at the gym. My entire team works out together it's cute.
At some point last year or so, they had all the TM's at my store fill out a little "survey" about ourselves, listing our favorite foods, candy, music, movies, and things like that, so they could make the TM recognition a little more "personal." In the meantime, it seems they haven't bothered to use them at all, because the recognition is still the same "generic" stuff as before.
A couple of our TL's actually bake or bring in stuff they've made themselves.
There is something that inspires real loyalty, that makes you want to go over and above for a person, when you know that not only did they spend their own money but they put in the time thinking of their team.
Sadly, recognition seems to have taken a back seat lately. Not to toot my own horn, but ive been top performer maybe 6 times in my almost 2 years, and would appreciate the recognition and $20 gift card I would get (by choice) Saves me from spending my own money O/N on food. Last few months though it seems we have either stopped it, or they choose to just not announce it at huddles. Either way, although its not the end of the world, any recognition is nice. I cant even recall the last time our O/N Replenishment or LOG Exec wrote a GTC, let alone our TLs.
I love to be recognized for doing a good job, let me preface by saying that. I do not like over-recognition, i.e. writing out GTCs for just about anything. We have a TL that when she covers the checklanes she writes great team cards for having a green speed score, or for just giving FFF service, or for anything else that's in a cashier's core roles to do on a daily basis. I sometimes think she does this on purpose to make the front end TLs look bad (she's a nice person but is very underhanded in a subtle sort of way). I feel if you write cards for just about anything, the recognition is lost when it actually means something, and I have seen cashiers stuff them in their pockets or leave them at their register at times.

Make no mistake, I ALWAYS thank my team for doing a good job, or tell them "good job" or something along those lines, but I do not write a large amount of Great Team Cards. Personally, I like verbal recognition, it may not be written down but I just like to know that the work I put in is appreciated by my supervisors, and I try to follow that, and thankfully my team feels the same way
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