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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. We can't forget about this one can we!?!?!?!

    Anyway, rant about your fellow team members or give them praise or whatever it is you please.

    To that one team member, I understand you're new. I understand we have never met before. I also understand that you've been here for a week, and you do not need to tell me how to zone. I'm perfectly aware of how to do that, seeing as I'm one of your team leads.
  2. To the new ca, how could you tell the center door was with closed & still try to drive the carts through it? He did break the glass too!
  3. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    To the T-mobile guy: you're NOT a TM & you obviously DON'T know policy so STOP telling guests stuff that is the OPPOSITE of our policy guidelines! If I have to deal with one more P.O.d guest of your making, I'm seriously gonna spider-wrap your cajones 'til you squeak! :mad:
  4. EvanM07

    EvanM07 Banned


    Just cause I missed tagging on the men's room mirror ONCE doesn't constitute giving me a damn write up! GRRRR
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  5. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    haha reminds me...

    When I was a CA newbie, I closed about 100% of my shifts through Q4 (I got all the midnight shifts the veterans didn't want). Anyways after I started getting some opening CA shifts in the spring, I remember one particularly painful morning....

    I took the cart pusher out to do the first line of carts for Green side of the day, and it was really windy and a little bit chilly outside so I was in a hurry to get back in... Well I usually walk in front of the carts and push the cart door open but what I didn't know, was the LOD didn't unlock the door yet :( So here I go full throttle facefirst into the locked cartdoor. Yowch.

    Luckily I didn't get hurt really despite being pancaked in the door, I just scraped my knees a little bit. Now I always check if they're locked before I go out :)
  6. I don't care how you did it at Wal-mart. I was also wondering if you noticed that you are wearing RED and khaki?

    And to that particular team member who opens: Stop asking me what that line of carts is in softlines. Its a line of carts. Yes, I do know they are there.

    To the closers: For the love of all that is holy, plug the equipment in!

    And finally, to our beloved special building services guy when, oh when, are you going to fix our crown?
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  7. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    How many times do I have to say that metal fixtures can not be stored in cardboard boxes? Next time I will make you pick them up and watch you dance around when the damn things fall on your feet.
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  8. Who is the trainee & who is the trainer? If you want to learn how to do your job properly you must listen & follow my instructions. I'm here to help you. Don't give me that I know it all attitude.
  9. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    Haha, reminds me of one of our CAs that got termed less than a year ago.. I was in charge of training him, and he was a quick learner and performed quite well... However he had a know-it-all attitude that got really annoying, and he began having attendance problems a while after he started. To top it all off he was rather unfriendly, and I found it hard to carry a conversation with him.

    First, he was late about 30 minutes, and I had to stay later (well didn't HAVE to) until he arrived, and I eventually just got fed up with waiting for him, so went to check if he was over on the other side of the store by chance. Where do I find him? Over at guest services chatting with the girl working at the service desk for a good 5 minutes INSTEAD OF COMING TO FIND ME.

    Second, he screwed up his availability somehow and couldn't work a shift. He couldn't find anyone to cover his shift, and called in. Was really funny because my GSTL was begging me to cover his shift so he wouldn't get termed, and they were going to buy me dinner at food ave. I would have done it for any other CA, but I wanted this guy gone so I respectfully declined :)

    He ended up getting replaced by a far more responsible and friendly cart attendant. Definitely worth the lost training hours.
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  10. to that one team leader:

    it is my contribution. my top and needs attention people, not yours. i dont care if y'all are best friends, if he's a slacker, he's a slacker. period. i dont appreciate you saying i just dont drive the team like you did. get over yourself. if you were really a rock star, they wouldnt have moved you from that workcenter.

    sorry. having a great day, then get totally embarrassed by a fellow tl rant on my performance during our meeting, in front of our new stl and all my peers. she was the former tl, and i cant say anything about the team without her saying its not them, its me. even when i had to coach them on attendance. or taking long breaks. or tying stuff and not setting it.
    thanks, i needed to vent.
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  11. Dek, start documenting! Then show your stuff to the new stl.
    I know you will follow best practice too.
  12. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    To the new TL I helped train: I showed you around, trained you in several areas, gave you tips & best practices, answered all your questions (including the REALLY stupid ones).
    Now you're on your own & you talk down to me like a little kid. Too bad respect wasn't one of the traits you retained.
  13. This really pissed me off. so as a cart attendant, I just finished checking the restrooms, so the call button goes off. 5 minutes later, my GSTL needs a ca on the walkie, so i answer and he asks "can u please check the restrooms for me?", and im like "WTF..." so i did the "scapegoat" where u check it b4 u need it to, so the next hour its just goes off by itself, i find him sitting outside walking to a customer barely doing anything. I'll admit he's a bit old but comon! If your a GSTL u gotta be a good listener!
  14. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    Yeah if you aren't quick, don't bother being a GSTL lol :D:D

    GSTLs probably make the most laps around the store in a shift second to a CA :cool:
  15. I have never seen a GSTL leave the front end in the more than 10 years I have been at Target. Our GSTL does the bathroom cleaning and call buttons, though, not the CA.
  16. Formina Sage

    Formina Sage Crown stacker champ Administrator

    Dear TM's who are leaving for the day, turn your friggen walkie OFF before you put it in the charger. And when you do put it in the charger, make sure the LIGHT turns RED to signify that it is indeed charging, as opposed to not charging because you put it in crooked/backwards.
  17. To that one team member at my store who always needs to call me over when he is helping a guest. Can you just do your job and help the guest yourself? It's gotten to the point where if I notice he's helping someone I'll turn around and go the long way to avoid him asking me for help.
  18. dutifulTM

    dutifulTM Cashier

    Aren't they teaching you anything when being trained? I am aghast at you new cashiers packing bags so... so... horribly! (I even saw some tm who doesn't work at our target but went thru one of their lines talking to them... matter which, uh. :S what right is it, really, for you to do that? you aren't our tl/supervisor...)

    @supervisor/higher-ups: I don't know about you, but imho hiring more cashiers is doing more bad than good, especially since a lot of them are very sloooow. I know, it's something that'd improve in time but I guess logic fails on just extending older cashier hours, since we're more experienced and, in many ways, faster. :/

    I just twitch at the fact that our checkout speed overall group ranking has been non-green for a while now... even when I first became cashier, it stayed green. u_u But ever since the new cashiers temp transferring over from remodel, it's gone down.... and now we have an influx of even newer cashiers. -flail-

    (A select few of the newbies are pretty great. Speaking of transferred from remodel ones)

    I just wonder if they're perma or seasonal?
  19. Formina, the same can be said about PDAs. We have went back and forth from having them locked up at all times and leaving the cabinet open. I don't think a day goes by without some turning up missing because they weren't turned in at the end of the shift.

    deezy523, I sympathize with you. TMs need to feel more confident in helping guests solo. There have been countless times I've been called over to help a guest when others weren't sure about their response. Of course I have to take into account I've been with the company longer than about 90% of our flow team.

    dutiful, my best guess would be permanent. Of course they could realize that this job wasn't what they expected and decide to look elsewhere for employment. I know where you're coming from about newbies getting the hours that could be better used with more experienced TMs such as yourself. I'm feeling the crunch myself. With the BTS/BTC rush upon us hours should increase and the rookies will improve, hopefully. :)
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  20. We had a similar situation happen in which the ca wound up knocking the automatic door entirely off.