To that one Team Member - II


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Oct 7, 2011
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To that one team member, I understand you're new. I understand we have never met before. I also understand that you've been here for a week, and you do not need to tell me how to zone. I'm perfectly aware of how to do that, seeing as I'm one of your team leads.

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TTOflowTM who pushed Bullseye.... Fuck you. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Why the fuck did you dump so much shit into the wrong places? Do you not know the aisle numbers or are you just a lazy shit?

Yeah.... fuck you again. Another night spent entirely in the fucking Playground because someone can't be bothered to read.
I hated pushing Bullseye. The layout is a complete mess and I never did it often enough to memorize it. It would make things easier if they actually had things labeled so you could tell which "aisle" was which, but no. That said, it takes two seconds to pull out a Zebra, scan the label on the shelf, and figure out where everything is based off that. It's not too hard if you actually make an attempt to do a decent job.
That's just it. Our aisles in there ARE labeled. They're stickers, usually on the back side of the end cap panel, facing the rest of the gondola, but they are all there. And when there's an entire case worth of a product in the wrong place, it's clearly not the guest. Even more so when that same product is mis-shelved in two or three places.

If stuff hadn't been so badly misplaced, I could have worked out the entire flatbed of push in under 2 hours. Instead, I spent an entire 4 hour shift and still had three boxes of repack left to go.
Please stop apologizing for being shitty at your job. Just get better at your job. Or don't. You're probably going to be fired soon anyway.

If you're going to order me around, insult me, and threaten me all in the same breath you could at least get my name right.
Mysterious looking on at certain ETLs and TLs who believe they can run Backroom, Flexible Fulfillment and replenish Salesfloor more efficiently. This guy's tenure and business degree don't mean shiz apparently. *Laughs*

TTOETL; I presented and showed proof of backroom inaccuracy, alongside a solution. I trusted that you would be able to communicate with others to prevent 20 unlocated sections from occurring again. You tell me not to worry about it, with no regards that inaccuraccy and Ghosts affect replenishment and Flex Fulfillment. I hate running around playing a game of Easter egg hunting. Also brought it to attention to other individuals who didn't do anything. This is a waste of my time and efforts.

Former backroom team and warehouse are everyone's punching bags and dumping ground, respectively.
TTOTM who got assigned the register before I got put over here, thanks very fucking much for not doing any of the following:
  • Cleaning the register; at a minimum, the goddamn barcode scanner glass
  • Ordering change (or maybe that's more of a TTOGSA/TTOGSTL thing) – how do you not have quarters and ones?
  • Stock bags. Seriously, there are 4 bag holders. Why is there only one in use with all of three bags?
  • Put coupons in the coupons compartment of the drawer. That's fine, Joe, just throw the little shits in there mixed with the used gift cards that you were supposed to toss, a strip of stupid stickers you didn't give any of the kids that came through and messed up the impulse buy toys (next bullet), and the roll of receipt paper you tore open for Lord knows why when you can just push the feed button on the receipt printer if you needed scrap paper.
  • At least a half-ass attempt at organizing the candy/chips/Pokemon cards on your lane
  • Put the reshop in the reshop bin, the hangers in the hanger bin, not a mix of the two in both bins, Sally.
  • Cleaning the register (yes, I said this twice)
TTOTM: Seriously we're almost out of carts at both entrances, on a busy Sunday morning and you decide to try to take the last 6 right in front of me? For flipping reshops?!!? My ass is not out there in the boiling sun trying to help my cart attendants with replenishment just so you can be a lazy little shit and take guest carts instead of grabbing a 3-tier from the back room.
TTOTM: Don’t put wacos filled with stuff that you didn’t want to push into the empty spots on my flow cart. Also don’t act like I’m the one that’s an asshole when I found you and made you take them off and push them yourself. I would have been more than happy to help if you asked. But you didn’t.
Mini-Rant: It bugs me that leadership keeps throwing around that "$15/hour" number like it's a done deal. You can talk about how that justifies these new higher expectations all you want, but my paycheck disagrees.
I mean it is a done deal. Not for another 1.5 years but it will come.
Almost like you have to earn it, huh? Lol
Except... you know... that's not what we're earning... all while workcenter after workcenter gets crushed under the weight of the workload over our heads right now.

Given the way turnover has been lately, I'd be impressed if even 50% of the current workers are around to see the $15 actually kick in. And god knows what additional changes will be piled on in that time...
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Almost like you have to earn it, huh? Lol

Well, the problem is not needing to learn more/newer skills. The problem is that as human beings we can only work so fast. As a cashier I will not grow another 4 arms so that I can run 3 full service lanes at one time and give our guests the check out experience if their life. Modernization is a good thing when carefully planned and thoughtfully executed, including having sufficient resources (not just higher pay).

So for leadership to drink the KoolAid and expect huge increases in efficiency and profit is not reality based. It's just Canada all over again. Money spending without planning.