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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. hufflepuff

    hufflepuff Team Member

    The storm ended up being just rain for us.. we got about an inch of snow overnight and then nothing but rain all morning and day. 80% of the store called out anyway.
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  2. Kaitii

    Kaitii You're gushing all kinds of fluids again


    who are you why did we get a new etl hr we dont need one go away
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  3. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    TTOTM: don't interrupt me when I'm telling a guest where something is located, especially if you're going to give them the wrong information. I was LMAO when the guest came back to tell you I was right and you were wrong. :p
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  4. Rdhdstpchl

    Rdhdstpchl Watching it all

    Don't tell me that I refused to let someone in when you know damn well that I have never left a vendor outside!
  5. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Trainer

    Pretty sure my new GSTL has a hard on for redcards and me.
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  6. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Trainer

    To whomever on keeps overstocking HBA instead of back stocking; Its annoying zoning and finding product in the wrong location and not taking one wrong item. Just take it back and back stock it or ask someone who can.

    Whomever thought it was a good idea to tell the laziness HL TM to be "more like nokiddie" that was not a good idea...I get mean mugged every time now.
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  7. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    TTOTM: Stop acting like you don't understand English when you are asked to help a guest. I work with you all the time, yes you DO understand. I was more than willing to help a guest looking for a specific skin care product when she was having a hard time communicating with you, but you can answer a simple question about where our girls' dance/gymnastics clothes are WITHOUT calling me.

    TTO backroom team: Cause some of you are rude/lazy when I ask for help pulling items for guests, I've learned to do it myself (after watching another tm do it once). However, when I'm operator, YOU need to pull said items, because I'm on the phones. Also, furniture/barbecue grills/items on high shelves...yeah, no. It's your job, and for the last time, no, I am not trained to drive the Wave, nor do I want to be (not a fan of heights).
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  8. Reshop Ninja

    Reshop Ninja Softlines Dps

    Ugh, we had someone like this a while back. She spoke perfect English during her interview but pretended to barely speak English unless it was to someone she really likes. She drove our Gstl nuts when she kept asking questions about the most basic crap on the front lanes, like how to turn the conveyer belt on and off. Thankfully she quit on her own accord.
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  9. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    Yep two of our plano TM's are like that.. I call them out on it all the time.. In Spanish.. They still get the shocked face cause I am really irish looking girl.. I grew up in the South West, I speak enough Spanish to get by and really annoy you with it.. Thanks for the practice! :D
  10. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    This tm speaks Chinese as her first language (was cursing me out one day in it too), but is highly educated and has been in the U.S. for quite some time. No excuse for pretending you dk English. That goes for guests too. I asked one to sign up for a red card and she was all like "no habla Ingles!" Next thing I know, she's questioning the price on bunch of items in perfect English. *smh*
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  11. DoWork

    DoWork Probably a Sociopath

    Ttoetl who keeps taking down my sarcastic vibe cards: lighten up. Flow show be thanked for overstocking items three times their capacity.
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  12. HRZone

    HRZone Executive Team Leader

    Even though I hate how our flow team does that. Your ETL is right passive aggressively posting those doesn't fix the problem and probably lands them in hot water for a visit. Our HRBP constantly checks our vibe wall.

    If you have a problem with flow go to their TL. I got tired of people complaining about flow and went directly to our ETL logistics. She respected me for it.
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  13. DoWork

    DoWork Probably a Sociopath

    Valid, but that's far too much work for me to do to encourage other people do do their job properly. Leaders are aware of the ongoing problem, so passive aggressiveness is the only viable outlet.
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  14. HRZone

    HRZone Executive Team Leader

    I'll give you that it makes you feel better. Just sucks there isn't a better way to address the flow problem
  15. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    I write them to myself for fixing those things. Those are harder to take down.

    HRZone - there is a way to fix the problem leadership chooses not to.
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  16. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    Less sarcasm, it's got to sound legit.

    Current: thanks flow Sue for fitting out that last three bottles even if it wasn't in the right spot or correct price point.

    New: thanks flow Sue for really taking lead on making sure we push to capacity and making the shelves look full and impactful. The team is sure to notice your effort.

    Only you should know its sarcastic... and the store team. Dtl/gtl shouldn't be able to tell because he won't know Sue is a piece of crap who would rather stick those last three on an endcap in another section than bring them for backstock. Bonus if there's usually do few cards they can't afford to take them down without rushing to write their own...
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  17. Deli Ninja

    Deli Ninja Formerly Softlines Ninja (Now in Deli Flavor)!

    We've been encouraged to write vibe cards to ourselves in the past... My go-to would be "Thanks, DeliNinja, for QMOSing out all the expired production lettuce! It was a big job, but you got it done! -DeliNinja"
    Edit: Which reminds me... I should probably check to see if we have any expired boxes of lettuce that the production crew has been ignoring.
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  18. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    Our board is empty then suddenly it's overflowing and all vibe cards are written in two hands. I occasionally add a Limerick.
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  19. StockerAce

    StockerAce Team Member

    Are you notified when someone writes a card "to" you? I never read them. No one at my store has ever mentioned them to me in the 4 months I've been there (either to fill them out or what they even are). Or is it mostly for day side people?
  20. Panda13

    Panda13 Team Member

    Ours get filled the moment we get a visit from DTL or similar
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