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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Circle9

    Circle9 Team Leader

    TTOTM: Don't talk about how you've been told you can step back and not worry about doing other peoples' jobs for them then turn right around and try to tell me how to do mine. I know I'm doing a shit job right now but that is my problem, not yours.
  2. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    Ttotm. No matter how apt stop referring to certain tms as lizard people.
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  3. Kaitii

    Kaitii You're gushing all kinds of fluids again

    i, for one, welcome our new lizard overlords
  4. sito

    sito charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

    you like to get other people to do your job, you've been called out on it multiple times now by our STL in our department. today was the final straw and you were chewed out AGAIN because you didn't wanna do your job and instead made me do it. i do not feel one bit bad for telling our STL about it. learn from this and get better, if not then bye.
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  5. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    TTOTM: Our ETL asked you if you'd like cross training and you turned her down?? I jumped at the chance for cross training when I was a new tm. I am now one of the most global people at my store and I love it. It makes coming to work a little more tolerable because I get some variety in my days. You can't think of ANY work center you want to learn?? Maybe I'm the weird one for wanting to learn everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. sito

    sito charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

    im the same. im pretty global in that i can work pretty much anywhere. and now that they're teaching us market folks how to backstock, pull, etc, it's getting to be even more global. as of right now im hardlines, cashier, plano, guest services, cart attendant, instocks and market trained.
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  7. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    It's not really a choice. Our stl has pretty much said if you can't or won't task and guest service or learn all the things gtfo.
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  8. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader

    TTOLOD: You knew I was electronics, yet you made sure I was always a first responder even before CLOSING FUCKING HARDLINES?! What the fuck, this is why nobody fucking likes you. Choke, you slutbag.
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  9. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    My store couldn't be more different. They seem to want to keep people in their areas.
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  10. tgtguy

    tgtguy Team Leader

    Tto male tm- I don't know who you are. I don't know why you do it . I am tired of you peeing all over the bathroom floor. I find it disgusting to have to try to find a dry place to stand just so I can use the bathroom. The toilet is pretty big so I am not sure how you are missing it . Do you even try>? Do we need to put cheerios in the toilet for you to practice your aim with ?
  11. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Trainer


    Quit asking me to put non-HL items away or HL items on the complete opposite side of the store. You have a very bad reputation and you refuse to listen to anyone even the STL. I think your crazy when you complain about other people doing the-same-exact thing you do.
  12. sito

    sito charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

    no one likes cashiering, also no one likes to have split shifts with cashiering cutting into our regular shifts. STOP GIVING ME THREE FUCKING HOURS OF CASHERING BEFORE MY SHIFT I DONT WANT THEM. ID RATHER LOSE HOURS THAN CASHIER.
  13. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    TTOETL: I am no longer a Target TM, so stop asking me if I can "take something with me and put it back on the shelf" when I come get the money in the morning." 1) I'm not even on OUR clock yet & 2) you could use the exercise.
  14. StockerAce

    StockerAce Team Member

    TTtwoOvernightTLs: Thank you for being the buffer between the ETLs and us TMs. I didn't realize how important you both were until neither of you were there for a couple nights and the ETLs had NO idea how to delegate the TMs to balance the workload. It just disintegrates morale when that happens, as those that work hard are rewarded with extra work. I don't know how you balance it out to make us feel like we are all part of a team...but the ETLs did not do that, at all.
  15. sito

    sito charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

    it unfortunately happens even during the day side. whenever any TL is gone the ETLs tend to not know what to do. the team members usually take it upon themselves to figure it out and we always assign someone to be a temp TL for the day. the ETLs dont care because they can now go sit and do nothing.
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  16. HRZone

    HRZone ETL-Intern

    That return policy though...
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  17. shortstuffishere

    shortstuffishere Team Member

    TTOGSATL: You suck. Alot. Several of us want to quit because of you. You where pretty bad as a GSA. But when you were FATL you were fine. But now that your back as a GSATL you make everybody super salty. Yelling at me because I didn't hand out any phamplets is complete and utter fucking bullshit. Fucking quit and leave. Nobody likes you.

    End rant.
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  18. Redzee

    Redzee Team Leader

    Ttotm. Throwing handfuls of product on any empty shelf then zoning to cover it up is not working the pull. Have the hours and attitudes come to this?
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  19. sito

    sito charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

    To all of the team members who think they're invincible.... good luck. You work for a huge company. All eyes are always on you. No matter what day, what hour, how many times a day, what eyes, they are always watching you. You can go ahead and do stupid shit all you want, but just know everyone is watching. Corporate is watching. You're also already getting paid hella money and you do stupid shit. Like ok, werk.
  20. Marcellow

    Marcellow Got backstock?

    To the Plano Team:

    Y'all need to get retrained or something because these 2 aisles I audited are beyond saving. Not only were there missing signs, backing paper and dividers but both aisles are incorrectly set (supposed to be STANDARD aisle but in REVERSE instead and vice versa).

    Do you need help reading a planogram? Because I'm not fixing that.

    TTOPPTL: How did this happen on your watch? You talk about us leaving extra work for your team but nonsense like this happens.