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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Leader

    The freezer hasn't been my happy place lately. PDA Scanners iced over, not letting me scan, people not correctly back stocking correct amounts, or failing to monarch or label full cases for easy back stock. Today was ultimately annoying.
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  2. Snooping through, 2 years later lol..... I just got hired recently and I closed with my etl-hr and she did the same thing yours did! Shout out to all ETLs that care
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  3. Sloth

    Sloth Market

    Wait, is that really the case? I've been offered samples while wearing red, khaki, a nametag, and pushing carts with a PDA in my hand.
  4. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    Same, the sample people are always super friendly to me and ask if I'm thirsty or need a quick snack. I always turn them down though.
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  5. sprinklesontop

    sprinklesontop Retail Whore

    TTOTL: Please, please, I beg of you....... STOP trying to finish my sentences so you look as though you know what I'm saying. You aren't fooling me, I can tell you have no idea what we're talking about. I see right through you. You're just throwing in a catch-phrase right at the end of my sentence, hoping, just hoping you appear to know what's going on. Nope. Just let me finish my own damn sentence. And... while you're at it..... STOP all the nodding. Just because you are nodding, doesn't mean I agree with you. You're like a god-damn bobble-head.
  6. babyoftarget

    babyoftarget The Baby of Softlines

    Why must the TL's never see when a TM is obviously breaking the rules...
  7. goingto4

    goingto4 New Team Member

    TTOETL: Thanks for letting me into the AP office after I locked myself out. Whoopsie.:oops:
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  8. TallAPGuy

    TallAPGuy Team Leader

    I did that a few times when I left my key at home. Thankfully we had a couple extra keys in the office, and then we changed to a pin pad after another ETL was caught letting himself into the office to look at the cameras.
  9. Pale

    Pale Propane

    I swear, it was fucking annoying hearing ETL's openly say over the walkie that they're just chilling in the AP office when AP wasnt even in on those days. My store had some dirty ETL's.
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  10. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    TTO Mobile Teammember:
    How the hell do you accidently take home the mobile keys, leave them in your friends car, and then let your friend drive home with them? Long story short, mobile didn't have keys for like 2 hours today. The mobile closer somehow left the keys in a friends car and then his friend drove 2 hours home. Huh? How do you not hear the keys jingling as you walk out? o_O
  11. GoodyNN

    GoodyNN Plays with strings

    Or the security alarms??
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  12. Circle9

    Circle9 Team Leader

    TTOTL: Right after writing me up about not communicating enough you go right back to pretending I don't exist. Unless you need something, briefly. Thanks.
  13. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Hah our APTL had the opposite problem. The code to the door was an open secret and people who had no business being in there were letting themselves in. So he took the batteries out to make sure only keyholders can get in.
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  14. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    TTOTL: Stop saying things like "Doglover's a genius" and asking tms to check with me instead when they ask you a question. You make me uncomfortable when you do those things.

    To those leaders: Please deal with this annoying tm. No one can stand this person, but yet you like to take their side.

    TTOLOD: Get off my back when there is no TL on the floor. The empty fixture was part of a TL's project, and is not my concern. Also, we are pushing truck as fast as possible.

    To those ETLs: Opening ETL says no to a guest on the phone. Guests calls later and I say no to her and transfer her to the closing ETL who says yes. Grrr...
  15. goingto4

    goingto4 New Team Member

    The ETL-HR is the only one who likes to hang out in the office, ironically only when her BFF ETL-AP isn't there. Our door is always unlocked unless no one in AP is in or we have an apprehension in the office.
  16. JohnSith373

    JohnSith373 Flexing Every Day

    TTOTL: Stop sending hardlines that one team member who don't know anything to electronics when electronics is on lunch. There is 2 other hardline team members who know way more so why not send them.
    TTOTM: You know you don't know electronics so tell your TL you don't know about the department. Every time you're there covering for electronics, I come out the backroom and you always be asking me for help on electronics. You have been here for longer than 90 days but still don't know how to open peglocks.
  17. GrandTheftAutumn

    GrandTheftAutumn Glorified Towel Folder


    I’m pretty offended that you think you can talk about women like that in front of me.

    Like damn man you even have a girlfriend.

    Do I look like the type of guy that would be okay with hearing that crap?

    And for the last damn time I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m not going to the bar after work to get with some college chick.

    What part of “women aren’t exactly my type” don’t you understand?!?!?
    Or do you know that I’m gay and just think it is amusing to make me feel awkward like that o_O?
  18. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    Okay folks, its time to come up with some serious shade for @GrandTheftAutumn to throw on this douchebro.
    My contribution is, "Hey, that's a great idea, I'll bring my boyfriend and we can have a foursome."
  19. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    Just stare at him blankly and don’t say anything until he feels awkward and leaves. Alternatively, if he makes a joke, just look super confused and be like “I don’t... get it???”
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  20. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    TTOTM: you, of all people, should know you have to ring out alcohol at the front lanes. Telling me, “you can do it, I won’t tell anyone” won’t make me do it. You should know “big brother” is watching and in pharmacy, we have BOTH Target AND CVS “watching.”

    TTOETL: yes, it IS your fucking job, so just do it!