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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Jenna120

    Jenna120 Team Member

    My first week, maybe the second week, I got that kind of call. I honestly didn't know if we sold them or not. However I had the brains to ask the LOD to go to 2 first, and then asked if we had marital aids. Which confused her, because she had never heard the term.

    That was how I learned I can hang up on someone without getting in trouble.
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  2. Doglover89

    Doglover89 Team Trainer

    Haha, I definitely wouldnt ask something like that over channel one. We get a lot of prank callers- of all ages. We had an older lady say something about condoms (not sure of specifics) that really embarrassed one of my older coworkers, to the point where she had to walk away to calm down.
  3. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Interesting, I didn't know that. I've used myWork and Move just fine at other stores, but when I was packing they had someone scanning stuff out. I can even log into MPM2.0, but it displays stats from my store (helpful for my anxiety of wondering how my team is doing).
  4. JazzyPacks

    JazzyPacks Ship From Store Newbie

    TTOTM: I'm sorry I had to leave you by yourself for the last two hours of your shift. I could tell that you're still new to all of this (especially since you were asking me a few different questions, even though I've only been there for 2.5 weeks). I would have stayed, but I didn't want my sister to stay up too late when she has school in the morning and she's my only ride home.

    I'm hoping that you were able to get most of the stuff done tonight without any problems. Sorry I couldn't have been more help.
  5. redfern33

    redfern33 Guest

    To my lovely lead who does our softlines schedule...

    A four hour shift that starts hours after we open is absolutely not long enough to zone/push and do strays for infants AND b/g. Stop getting on my back about not getting everything done. I don't get enough time to! I'm working two departments because apparently HR won't hire softlines, and you're not giving me enough hours to get my job done. Either give me more hours or hire someone for infants because I am at my wits end. OR, even better, have someone come in at the beginning of the day. Because when I'm the first in my department after our closers the night before and it's 10am, it's not happening. Sorry.


    ok rant over
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  6. REDcardJJ

    REDcardJJ Cashier/Guest Service

    TTOTM: Yeah, sorry bro but when you're coming to pick up an order I'm gonna need to see your ID. We've literally had one interaction in the past five months and honestly I literally didn't even know what your name was. There was also guests behind you waiting to pick up their orders, so you really didn't need to get salty at me and condescendingly say "oh well if it was GSA Sally (not her real name) or somebody that's actually done Guest Service before they wouldn't have asked me". Fuck you, it's store policy and if the guests have to follow it so do you.
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  7. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    My STL was (jokingly, I think/hope) upset when I asked to see his ID.
  8. softlines16

    softlines16 Guest

    That happened at my store a few months ago and the operator just hung up. A few days later I was walking by the pharmacy and saw a small selection of sex toys in the family planning aisle :p I made sure to update the other softlines tms.
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  9. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    TTSLETL: will you fucking schedule some smart people who can actually move/push freight. Leaving every z rack and 20+ carts of hanging shoved in the stockroom does not bode well for our SFS stats. It's not that we suck at picking but no one can sort through or move that much crap to get a ladder to get something.

    You are fucking useless and hope someone has the balls to call your ass on it.

  10. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 The Notorious O.T.

    TTOTM: Stawp having weekends off please & ty I need help in toys
  11. Brando

    Brando PMT

    TTOTM (More than one of you!):

    Stop running fucking pallet jacks, flats, and shit into gondolas, shelving, and fixtures. I’m spending 2 days devoted to you (you know who you are) straightening and replacing parts. I know the job pays shit but take some pride in what you do and keep the place pretty.
  12. oath2order

    oath2order Sexy Bond Girl

    Goddamn softlines team hiding all the cartwheel 7x11 toppers in the fitting room
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  13. TTOTM: I regret that I became irritated at you earlier, but you deserved a bit of it. During a very busy time, you offered to call the BUSIEST store in the metro area and then wondered why you were waiting on hold for so long?

    Maybe I'm cranky here, but if a guest did online pickup for one piece of clothing, they can do it again for a different size. When we're backed up deep at the desk, we can't waste time on "1 in stock" items.
  14. Jenna120

    Jenna120 Team Member

    TTOTM: When you walkied me to go look for a baby item, I told you that I needed to put the guest on the phone on hold first. You knew I was dealing with a phone call because I told you. I didn't even have time to tell the guest to expect a bit of an extended hold and then write down the dpci of the baby item before you were back on the walkie asking if I had it yet. What was I supposed to do to meet your time schedule? Hang up on the caller with no explanation? You're not the only one in the middle of dealing with guests.
  15. Brando

    Brando PMT

    Lol I carded my STL when he was coming in before store open hours. “Name tag, please? Tm discount card? Show me your drivers license too, I’m not sure about you..” I use policy to mess with people.
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  16. redcounts

    redcounts Team Member

    To those early morning flow team members: Once 7am hits you should know not to fucking block MY produce cooler, ambient room, Dairy cooler AND FREEZER with your HUGE pallets, and when I try to move them out of the way you have the nerve to get pissy with me and tell me to not move them. I cannot do my job and stock my produce/meat/dairy if your pallets are in the way. Hurry up, get your shit done and move them the fuck out of my way so I can do my job. NOT like you guys will ever listen or care. I may just have to put a sign DO NOT BLOCK THIS DOOR..

    Anyone know it can be a huge safety concern? !!! If i'm in the freezer and someone blocked it with a pallet, and say if i didn't have my walkie on me.and I have no way out? even the Dairy cooler! Any fucking cooler!
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  17. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    We have had that happen before...that TM is now very claustrophobic.
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  18. DavidorJared

    DavidorJared New Team Member

    @redcounts any tm blocking those doors regardless of whether or not someone was in the coolers would get fired at my store, thats a major safety concern and even doing it once can set a bad precedent. i'd bring it up to an ETL or even the STL
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  19. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    This.. That is forbidden at my store, everyone has free permission to shove any fucking tub, cart, flat, U-boat out of the way of any of the cooler/freezer doors..

    But on the flip side no one gives a shit if the fire doors are blocked and fire aisles are clogged up with tubs, pallets, z-racks and carts..

    So in short we will let you burn to death but not freeze to death.. o_O
  20. Mysterious

    Mysterious The Special Consultant

    Leadership: "Just go ahead and backstock the (palletized) items in the other areas. We are out of space."
    Me: "Have you've tried to look? We're not out of space."
    "Yes, Just do it!.... Everyone else is doing it. We'll fix it later."

    Me: Sees 7+ locations for multiple items and enough space down the original grouped aisles. Able to consolidate and clear backroom space in under 10 minutes.

    "Why is the Flex Fulfillment and backroom location accuracy going down?" Why isn't the autofills/price changes/backstock being cleared?"

    No support. Too many untrained/reliable hands involved in the process. Best practice out the window. My experience running the backroom is underappreciated by other newer, leadership who are clueless and inefficient. Can only do so much to patch every hole that comes up.

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