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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. 2Spooky4U

    2Spooky4U Team Member


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  2. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    TTOLOD: please stop telling people to come check out at pharmacy because “there’s no lines.” We are short-staffed as well, have our own shit to do, and aren’t Target employees!
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  3. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    What LOD has time to be directing the lanes anyways... sounds like the GSTL can’t do their job to me
  4. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    Or they're short-staffed and sales floor is already maxed out on the lanes.
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  5. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    In all fairness the directives are the only reason a gstl is supposed to get on a lane is if they have the LOD watch the lanes.

    Sometimes it's better to have an etl shooting the crap in TMSC come out and watch the lanes than pull someone off salesfloor doing rigs or covering the phone
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  6. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    We have one watching the lanes almost all the time, which seems like a major waste, IMO, because they’re just standing around. And I’m not referring to the TM “watching” the SCO, this is the LOD, who literally stands by the checklanes, basically “directing traffic.” It’s usually one particular ETL, who is too damn lazy to do anything else :rolleyes:
  7. Leo47

    Leo47 Team Leader

    Only one of our LODs will take over watching the lanes when it gets crazy and the only other person in the store that can hop on is the GSTL. He’ll also have other ETLs hop on if there’s enough checklanes. He’s my fav <3
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  8. sprinklesontop

    sprinklesontop Retail Whore

    Unless of course, you're a 5 year-old and half of your shirt naturally "untucked" itself while at recess. #Fashionstatement
  9. 2Spooky4U

    2Spooky4U Team Member

    The only way I can think that it's justifiable is it showcases the details of the top and bottom. Other than that, it looks like someone is hungover and tried to tuck their shirt in hoping no one would notice.
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  10. dannyy315

    dannyy315 Team Leader

    To that ETL: Try talking with your mouth farther from the walkie. Maybe your voice will be decipherable.
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  11. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    TTO Schedule writer: Why the fuck is there never anyone in Dairy on the weekends? It is completely rediculous that both Hardlines and Softlines have to send people over to work the Dairy pulls and truck.. I understand helping, but today and in recent weeks have worked for 6 out of 8 hours on my shelf, and I didn’t even see a Dairy TM the whole time.. (backstocking?).. it’s been like this for over a month. Schedule some damn people or stop pulling us from our areas, you’re making it impossible for the closers since we have to spend most of our shift in Dairy/frozen
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  12. sprinklesontop

    sprinklesontop Retail Whore

    TTOTM (or TMs) :

    I freakin' LOVE YOU GUYS !!!! We "launched" our Universal Threads Brand "today"...... and you all were amazing!!! You enthusiastically connected w/ our Guests; you shared fashion tips and suggestions; you helped every Guest in the FR !!! Your energy was so exciting !! You all worked together so flawlessly !! I am sooooo proud of you !!!! Lucky me !!! Thank you, thank you, I freakin' thank you !!!!!!
    Can we do it all over tomorrow??? :D
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  13. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    I have a feeling you are one of the rare stores that is scheduling market to what is allocated. otherwise there are no hours to put someone in dairy - C&S, Autofills and P Fresh are just about all market gets hours for.

    Most stores in my district cut hardlines to pad market. We often go a day with 0 openers in HL, 1 mid 10 to 6 and 2 closers. That's it.

    Be thankful your store is giving those hours to you even if you are a glorified market TM
  14. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    TTOTM: Holy fuck, you're slow. I pushed most of a full tub of chem D-code, including finding spots for shit, in the time it took you to push a couple boxes of laundry detergent & dish soap. Seriously, watching you scan the shelf for a half hour before bothering to pick up your zebra to check a location was painful. Literally painful because your flat was in front of the shelf I was trying to fill and you were standing in such a way that I could't just move it out of the way or run you over. Though it was really tempting, believe me. Seriously, dude. Move it!
  15. HLN13

    HLN13 Hardlines TM

    That would never work in my store, we’re just way too high volume to have no opener, I answer atleast 5-10 calls between 7-10. My store usually has 1 Hardlines opener and 1 RFID opener who switches to Hardlines when finished. On weekends one mid 9-5, one 1-9, and two 3-10’s. Weekdays are the same but with no mid and two closers. It just frustrates me because Hardlines is a disaster since we spend our entire shifts in dairy. I actually like dairy but then we end up having 10 carts of strays, a full line of pulls and a completely destroyed unzoned store for the closers..
  16. Circle9

    Circle9 Team Leader

    To the vendors: I know I said I'd let you know when was leaving, but it didn't end up that way. Sorry. Then again, I was pretty clear that I was on my way out sooner or later and the whole "taking a week off to look for a job" should have been enough warning I guess. Still, I'm pretty sad that I didn't have the chance to say goodbye to any of you. More than I am about any of the people I worked with.

    To the foolish brave soul who replaces me: Good luck. They'll probably feed you some line about how the previous receiver wasn't a team player, or had an attitude problem or whatever else and they hope you'll be different. Just like I was told when I started, after the previous receiver quit, and probably as he was told, when the one before him left as well.

    For the love of God, make sure they send you to another store for some decent training A-fucking-SAP. Maybe then the cycle will be broken. And if nothing changes, good luck on getting out of there.
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  17. Mysterious

    Mysterious The Special Consultant


    TTO-TL and ETL: Trust is a foundation that can forge a successful team. That is also a foundation to having a positive, green successful store when the teams are happy. Constantly micro-managing and not leading by example is an excellent way of accomplishing tasks. Can't hold others to a higher standard and fail to hold others accountable. When someone of tenure challenges you, you feel threatened. They know the most efficient methods of accomplishing tasks/projects. Why not use what worked before? Every reliable tenured team players are leaving as a result.

    TTO-TL. Of course, I am efficient at accomplishing certain tasks, but do not make this a habit. I am not here to make your job easier, while you "lead" others just slacking off. Pulling the STL card does not help your cause, as he's barely involved in the Logistics process. I can outwork most people efficiently on a one broken leg. I still have my responsibilities, of which is piled upon.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  18. oath2order

    oath2order Scary Socialist

    Stop making me push shit, Ive got so much shit to do as is
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  19. SFSDan

    SFSDan New Team Member

    You're cool and such, but your workmanship is horrible. You told you're gonna be quitting soon, and I don't mind all that much. There might be so more hours in Electronics now with you gone. Oh well
  20. hufflepuff

    hufflepuff Team Member

    TTOETL please please please don't end up having to leave. I honestly don't know what we'd do without you.