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To that one Team Member..

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by greatteam, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. PackAndCry

    PackAndCry Shit From Store/"Plan"ogram





    ...you rewrapped a $45 item under a $6 item's DPCI today. Please stop.
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  2. REDcardJJ


    when in doubt defect it out
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  3. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    One of my GSTMs loves to say that. It’s true.
  4. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    What if you don't have a barcode and can't find the item number to either defect or rewrap something? I have been known, particularly with stuff I KNOW is Bullseye's Playground but can't find any of the item, to grab something similar and do a rewrap or defect based on that.

    But never with anything bigger or things that I'm not pretty certain are BP (and have looked in other likely places first, too).
  5. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    defect small item find a similar item.

    if it's a rewrap and you can't find it, defect it. when it doubt, defect it out.
  6. SFSDan

    SFSDan Electronics/SFS

    To The TM who decided to hide 2 boxes of a highly requested figures in a pallet of Softlines, i hope you know our ETL AP is looking into this. Won't end well
  7. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 *blocks your path*

    Oh shit son!!!

    Ass status: grass
  8. Guessed Service

    Guessed Service New Team Member

    The Funko Pop collectors were right all along! Conspiracy!
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  9. EchoFoxtrot

    EchoFoxtrot Team Member

    That is wild. Our flow team is ridiculously responsible. I have never seen any of us put something on or inside a pallet somewhere to be purchased later. Unimaginable.
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  10. SFSDan

    SFSDan Electronics/SFS

    I'm not necessarily blaming anyone on Flow because they don't look like the collector type. Could've been a backroom tm, or the opening electronics person that day (since we push our own truck) a TL or a ETL, no one knows yet.
  11. StargazerOmega

    StargazerOmega Wizard no more...but how ya doin'?

    TTOTM: I've wondered how on God's green Earth you got promoted to TL a few months back. I'm still wondering the same thing today. :rolleyes:
  12. aronoiiel

    aronoiiel Team Member

    TTOTM. . .
    Stay out of my RTW! You are useless, let my zone die a horrible mess death, and for the love of all that is red YOU NEVER GUEST SERVICE ANYONE! Also cold shoulder floral orange tops ARE NOT A BRAND TOP! Bah!
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  13. SFSDan

    SFSDan Electronics/SFS

    To the entire team, turn off the walkies when you put them back. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why these damn things are dead all the time
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  14. StargazerOmega

    StargazerOmega Wizard no more...but how ya doin'?

    TTOTM: You need to stop worrying so much about RedCards. Yeah, the pressure to get them will always be there, that's part of the gig, but it's not worth making yourself sick or losing sleep over. You're asking and that's all you can do.
  15. NPC

    NPC Hecking chiillllll


    LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP! I work in a store with 3 women like this. They always have the most sour fucking look on their faces. They never socialize, greet, or be friendly to anyone outside their main work centers, nor are they super willing to help others outside their work center. It's like they regard all other work centers as a nuisance. They turn their nose up at other TMs chit chat. They just have shit attitudes. I dread ever having to talk to them.

    There are plenty of team members that don't have the greatest attitude, but these 3 women in specific, really take the cake. Could you maybe give a shit? Could you maybe think of the world outside of yourself for once? Could you maybe step down off your high-horse and maybe support the whole fucking store, your stupid cunts! Maybe, instead of just bitching about which department is behind, or how how something was done wrong, MAYBE...AS A FUCKING LEADER, you do something about it and turn it into a teachable moment, and don't be a condescending piece of shit about it. Maybe, do something that will actually help the store, instead of sitting on your fat ass bitching and rolling your eyes all the fucking time. I mean jesus christ, is your life so goddamn miserable, you have to haul your shit into work and make everyone else suffer? Why in the fuck did you even get into leadership if you so apparently hate working here and hate everyone around you. Fuck off. NONE of you are good enough workers, to get away with being such a total bitches.

    Oh, Im sorry, did I say something annoying to you because I'm not miserable and like to have a good time with my team? And now you have to fucking contort your face in every which way as if you fucking mattered just because I'm not in a shit mood?! Okay, maybe I'll just bitch about trivial shit going on in the store and see if you fucking wet yourself in excitement to have another cunt to work with! GOD! Grab the stick you apparently have shoved up your ass, and push it farther up...up to your brain, so that you can lobotomize the part that makes you such a fucking bitch! Everyone will thank you for it, I promise.

    Like you ever just look at someone, and they're not even saying anything, but you still want to tell them to shut the fuck up?
  16. Fix It

    Fix It PMT

    TTOETL: Stop ordering garbage on amazon for the store. Do you not know how competition works? You’re gonna have to assemble your own shit soon son.
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  17. GoodyNN

    GoodyNN Plays with strings

  18. brizzy93

    brizzy93 SFS TM

    Or just leaving them NEXT to the charger instead of ON it
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  19. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 *blocks your path*

    What's real fun is when a bunch of them are left on the charger all cranked up to max volume, and I happen to walk by and talk into mine and the resulting burst of feedback slams TMSC like an EMP blast
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  20. sprinklesontop

    sprinklesontop Expert Retail Whore

    ^ I love this sooooo much !!!! I love the passion, the frustration, and the real-ness of this post !!!! I felt like I was in the front row of your movie.... eating my popcorn...... on the edge of my seat.....cheering you on ! And then I jumped up !!! Spilling my popcorn !! And applauded and woot-wooted as the credits began to roll !!!!
    Damn, this is good stuff. :D YOU are my HERO !
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