"Trainer" position

Humble TL

Timers Please!
Apr 30, 2017
Don't count on a raise. I'm considered a captain to help run the workcenter. Nothing.

It just means you're training the new hires on how to do things. And possibly setting them up with their computer training.
Hmmm so the difference between a TL and a captain is basically the pay?
Dec 23, 2014
So basically more work for the same pay. Neat.
Well it’s not really a permanant position. You’ll just be working alongside a new team member for a couple shifts, then it’ll go back to normal. Which is annoying, you take the focus off your job to help the new TM, and the new TM can’t do the job in a timely matter because they’re inexperienced. So you get a lot less work done at the end of the day.