Uncomfortable Huddles


Service and Engagement
Sep 18, 2017
this is a serious case of ASANTS (in a bad way)

i know for a fact if i went to my SrTL-HR with an issue, she'd keep it confidential if i asked. in fact, i have gone to leadership with grievances and issues previously and they were addressed professionally and confidentially off stage. but not every store has a leadership team like mine.

as for what OP should do, i'd recommend trying to go through your store's chain of command before calling the hotline, but if your leadership team won't be receptive to the feedback and won't take your concerns seriously, call the hotline.
Nov 1, 2018
Well dang! Don't leave me hanging. What happened?
Like I said, I wasn't there. I think it was when we were supposed to stop using guest carts for store tasks. We hadn't gotten enough two-tiers though, so we had to keep using them. STL said no guest carts and ETL was like "Well..." And I actually just realized that the STL was only an ETL at the time 😑


Electronics plus Consumer Cellular
Jun 9, 2014
When I first started as a flow TM my ETL-LOG and flow TL would do the same exact thing. 20 to 25 people standing around listening to them argue for 5 to 10 minutes.

The day before the ETL resigned he fired the flow TL. Those were the days...
Sep 27, 2018
NOT blown out of proportion ! That STL has no business being in ANY position of authority. These situations have been getting worse each year, this one in particular went WAY out of control. I miss professionalism and mature decorum. Real FUN is gone and has been replaced with humiliation, harassment, hazing, targeting, immaturity...all things that are meant to entertain a mass at the expense of a few. Although I myself would not be entertained if made to watch - yes, I would have been very uncomfortable at that huddle. Reminds me of the disaster that was ‘pie in the face’ and ‘ice bucket challenge’ we were FORCED to endure years back (Many years have passed and I still get sick to my stomach when I think about it). Can we just do the jobs we were hired for without all this extra bullshit that ignores the guests and ruins morale ? Anyone reminded of scenes from “A Handmaids Tale” ?