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Nov 15, 2011
What does it feel like for some of you who have four days off and retain a normal sleep pattern as a result of it? How do you get back to the irregular sleep pattern?
I had thurs/fri off last week, and now am off today/tomorrow. I don't know how I do it, but it's a struggle every week with rotating shift start times. 7am, 12pm, 230pm, etc.
lmao only way I ever get 4 days off in a row is if I apply for it, heck I never get 2 days in a row off.
Four days off.....? In a ROW?!
Lord, I wouldn't know what to DO with four days off in a row!

I was off six days in a row last week because I was only scheduled for one shift. But I still had to work at my other job - in fact, I had to do overtime there.
Most days I have off in a row is usually three... and that's been the case for the last few weeks (and sure to continue, I'm sure).

Unfortunately, regardless of when I'm able to get to sleep, most times I still find myself getting up the same time every day - usually around 8-9am.

With some odd occassion here and there.
i get 3 in arow on my off weekends once in a while... no more than that though
Our O/N leadership team has it setup sort of like this... They all work two days of the week guaranteed (say Monday night and Thursday night), and then rotate their middle of the week and weekends with each other... This means that they get off of work Thursday night/Friday morning and don't go back until Monday night! It feels like four days off in a row... but then they usually work something like 7/8 nights in a row before they get their 4 off again!
The only thing I have found that helps me maintain a normal sleep pattern is melatonin. This stuff is a godsend, very safe to use, and cheap to boot.
ALL the O/N TLs at my store work 4 10 hour days either Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. At least they always get three days in a row off.

I haven't had 4 days off since before fall semester started... granted I didn't miss any hours since I changed my days off around it, but, it was my 'vacation' before I had to go back to school! Now spring break is coming and I have more than enough vacation to take the week off!! Now I just have to figure out where I am going to go!
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