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Nov 10, 2011
Hi guys,
I had my first day on register today and only have one more scheduled day on Saturday until black Friday. Unless I'm able to pick up some shifts, that will be the only experience on the register I'll have before black Friday, so I'm pretty nervous about working that day.

For those of you who have worked on black Friday, how is it? I've never even shopped on that day so I know I'll be in for a surprise. Any suggestions or tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
Bring in a bulletproof vest and pop a few xanax before you punch in lol. Only kidding.

I survived Black Friday last year as an opening cashier. Let's just say it is a true test of anyone's ability. Do you know if you are opening or not?
Its like Running of the Bulls. no joke. Just be glad you are not in Electronics or Toys.

I say bring riot gear and baseball bats....and hide the knives. And there is a reason why Target doesn't sell guns.
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It all depends on what time you work. 12am, it will pretty much be a MAD house. Not gonna lie, it might be overwhelming. BUT to be honest, cashiering might be the easiest job you have. Even with as little time you've had working on the lane. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

If your store is anything like mine they will have you clock in, they will give you a slip of paper telling you what lane you are on, what time you go to break, and any other information you need. As far as I know you ignore the little paper and listen to the GSTL.

Keep your guard up. People WILL be assholes. They will tear you a new one saying "THAT WASN'T THE PRICE"
I would ask the cashiers next to you if you need help and if they can't help you, get the GSTL.
Just follow the GSTL's directions.
I get to be on the truck team when we take ours at 5pm and stay through the night till about 4am I think, when the store opens I'm going to be leading the electronics/toys teams. I've got my cyanide pill ready in the back of my mouth...
i would much rather be on the floor than playing cashier. You are too busy with helping find things that you don't usually have to put up with guest attitude. As a cashier, you have no place to go. Just to people watch and be apart of all the energy is such an awesome time. i want to open. Less to clean up at that point. the closer you get to closing, you are part of the clean up then, and have to deal with some re-shop and zoning etc...... not that you don't first thing in the morning, just not quite to the extent of the mids or closers. I like to open!
Cashiering will be fine. You will ring up thousands of dollars of purchases by the time you leave and if you can survive Black Friday in one piece as a cashier you will be good for any other day of the year ;)
It'll be fine. My first year with Spot I was a cashier and have spent the rest of my bf's opening Electronics. Just stay calm and you'll be okay. Some people will be assholes, but rely on your training and listen to your GSTL. Like someone said, they'll schedule everything to try and be as efficient as possible beforehand, but 99% of the time, the break schedule goes out the window on that day.
Thanks guys! I feel a little better. :) Hopefully I'll have at least three or four shifts on the register before BF!!
Its like Running of the Bulls. no joke. Just be glad you are not in Electronics or Toys.

I say bring riot gear and baseball bats....and hid the knives. And there is reason why Target doesn't sell guns.

I am opening in Electronics. Ugh. It is sure to be fun.
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