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Jun 23, 2011
All of us have Target in common in that we either work there now or have done so in the past. What's your 'Target Story'? That is, how did you come to be working for Target? If you've been with the company for a long time, did you plan to stay from the start, or did it just kind of work out that way? If you've quit, do you regret it?

Mine: I graduated high school in a small town and started going to a college that was quite a commute from home. I needed a job to pay for gas and tuition, so I applied at a few places before getting hired at Target as an Operator/Fitting Room Attendant. A few months later, when I had saved enough money, I moved from my hometown to the town where I work and attend school and got an apartment and, although the move solved my gasoline issues, I still needed the job to pay tuition and rent, so I stayed on and have been with the company ever since due to the job security (as much as I despise my store at times, I generally get very good hours since I work the areas no one else wants to). I plan to stay until I get my B.A., then I'm going to see if that degree can get me a better job while I work on my Ph.D, so fingers crossed.

EDIT 7/8: So I put in my two-weeks notice the other day. Bit quicker than expected, but now that I've done it, I feel like I should've done it ages ago. :)
What about you guys?
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A grocery kind of life style..

since ive been legally able to work (even before, shh) ive worked in a grocery type setting. I worked at a small mom and pop market for 2 years starting at age 15.. by the time i was legal i wanted a job closer to home. ( the small market was on a vacation island nearby, accessible by ferry only) I worked at a local chain supermarket for 5 years.. i went away to school and came back during break only to be denied rehire for no good reason that they refused to tell me. I worked at another chain supermarket for 2 months before getting a job at Target after intense pressure by my brother in law the ETL in another store:p Been with Target for 2 years this summer. Started as a TM in market, specifically freezers/coolers. Got a P-Fresh remodel in 2009, while I was in school. Graduated, got a Perishable Assistant promotion this past May, was then promoted and transferred to my Team Lead spot in another store that is currently under a pfresh remodel (grand opening on the 25th!)
In my case I was looking for a job that was flexible and willing to give me as many or as few hours as I was interested in while finishing my BS and Masters. I thought to myself "I like shopping at Target, so why not work at this store... I already know a few people having gone to college with them, it might be fun"

Some days I regret it, some days I love coming into work. I plan on sticking around at least until my BS is done. I do have to admit that this is the lowest paying job in my entire life, even the ones I worked when I was 14,15 paid more, and overall I have a lot more work to do, but thanks to the wonderful people I work with, the stress level is fairly low. That's something I can't say about my other jobs.
I was a SAHM for years when my husband lost his job. Was driving to put my app in at the evil place when I drove by the Target that had just opened. They called me the same day. Been here almost 5 years now.

I didn't have specific plans to stay or go, but I like my job and the people I work with for the most part. So for now I guess I'm good :)
I had just moved and I needed a job. My ex boyfriend worked at the local Target and he encouraged me to apply so I applied for the overnight team. They called me a week later and a week after that I had orientation.
I was there for three and a half years, all on flow team, though I also helped out in the backroom on a regular basis. Things got shaky toward the end because my cat got sick and other personal issues so about 10 days before I went on vacation, I gave my notice.
To this day, I regret leaving. I think if I had talked to my HR about things, it may not have wound up the way it did but that's life.
I moved again after I quit and I needed a job and my dad had connections at the local evil place so that's where I've been working. I am looking forward to the day when I can get out of there for good. I would love to go back to Target but so far I have been unsuccessful in my efforts.
I was moving, and my boyfriend had been working at at target store for about two years. I needed a job, so he suggested I apply at the local target for a temp job.

I was hired seasonally as sales floor. I was asked to stay when seasonal was over, and I moved to cashier and then to service desk. I became the front end team trainer.

Then, I starting working in the cash office. Now, I'm working full time in HR and just got signed off to the team leader bench.

I'm happy I stayed with target. I love working at my store, and I'm thrilled to see where I end up once I get my TL promotion.
I started by applying at various stores just for some summer work during college in 2000. Then I plan to quit when school started go back to my old school job sitting at the dorm desks.

I applied at the Target in my college town since I knew so many people there. However they was passed me over but they hired my slacker ex-girlfriend who only lasted a couple months before walking out. That store later became drama central. TLs dating same area TMs, but no one talked about it.

I ended up applying at a store 30 miles away in a high volume shopping area. Hired within a week as a cashier. My dorm desk job ended up being more of a hassle. So I quit that, and stayed with Target.

By my 90 days, I also took on Carts and Guest Service.

After college, I transfered to the store near my hometown until I found a real job. Took on Food Ave and Team Trainer. I figured I could probably work my way up to corporate since I was being prepped for TL.

But I ended up getting an internship and 2nd job in TV along with Target, so I did a couple more transfers.

Came back to my hometown store in 2006 to be considered for TL position. My HR messed up my transfer and any opportunity for advancement. I voiced my concerns and was deemed a whistle blower and disgruntled from then on. The last years at my store were horrible. All my old ETLs and TLs gone. Constant STL, ETL, and TL turnover. Took over a number of TL duties, but was never interviewed for a number of positions then had to train my very own TLs. Slackers getting praised for everyone's work. 2 new stores opened and took sales away.

I was then lucky enough to get a state job...and never looked back. I have never stepped back in my old store since. 1st half of my 9 years were ok. The second half were a waste of my time.
I'd tell my story but then everyone at my store would know who I am. :x
I wanted a second job just out of high school since I had nothing better to do. I applied at Target at was astounded at the wage I got since it was MORE than the minimum wage of $5.15 or so at the time. I worked early morning backroom, then after a year went to signing spec.

After a battle with my STL, I transferred stores to work O/N backroom and then became a TL, fortunately as I lost my other job. I stayed for 6 consecutive years before leaving and coming back less than a year later. I stayed and worked BR and SF for about two more years before "leaving" on uncertain terms in 2009.
I applied at blue and red after being a stay home mom for a long called blue didn't end of story
Since 2005 I worked at a cookie place.
april 2010 it closed.
Was unemployed though applying like mad until about july 2010, in which I worked another few months at a fast food place... until they fired me end of august (I think).
Went back to applying places, including target quite a few times (since 60days would pass with no response, and so I'd reapply)
Got called in for a group interview late Jan/early Feb 2011...
and been there since, and hoping to remain for a while. :/
I started with Target in my senior year of high school. A new store was opening about 5 miles away from me so I jumped on the opportunity to work at a place that was close. I applied at an existing store, and was interviewed as part of their MAX hire. Got my conditional a day or two later. It was my first "real" job, and I've been with that store since turnover on Day 1 till the present! I started as an Electronics TM, did that for a year until my freshman year of college where I took an LOA. Came back and was 19 so I requested to be transferred to Backroom Day because they had a hiring need there, and found myself being trained in the backroom the next week.

I've been in the backroom since then, and now have had the opportunity to become Signing spec, which I believe I am going to take!
I wanted some money of my own to be able to enjoy my summer. Was driving past Target and saw a now hiring sign. A weel later I was onboarded as a cart attendant. Now 10 years later (and many positions later) I am a Sr. TL on the Sales Floor in my second store.
Had two interviews on a single day. One with Wallgreens and the other with Target. Target I met with the E-HR. He wanted me to get a drug test but I did not have a state ID at the time so I left. Went straight to the DMV and spent an hour and a half there (My state requires you to provide up to 3 peaces of documentation to show who you really are) went back to target and the guy was shocked. He gave me the paper work for the drug test. I went. Sprnt an hour there and then brought back the paper work. I was hired on the spot and was schudled 3 weeks later but it ended up being 1.5 weeks instead.
September 2007. Just a few days after my 18th birthday I was walking around the Target I always was at, my boyfriend at the time and I walked by the Kiosk. I randomly applied.

No call for 2 days. I call, computers are down, 2 days pass, I call again, get called into interview 3 days later. Nailed the interview. The Second Interview lady (was a intern there) absolutely LOVED me. Got the job. I was told I was gonna be an Elec TM and I was super excited.
During the orientation* I am told I was gonna be moved to Market (before P Fresh).

Spent a month in Market and was approached by an ETL and eventually ended up doing Ad Prep from November 2007 - December 2009.
Transferred stores and became cashier. Met my husband and became best friends while living with boyfriend at the time. Had to move back home cuz was dumped after 5 years :p.
Left target for 9 months. Reapplied after being stalked by my ETL HR. Started working at Current target again since April 2010. Promoted to GSA July 2011.

I always thought it was funny the very first job application I filled out, I got. I never worked anywhere else o_O

*Out of the 18 people in my Orientation, me and one other lady remain. We joke about this a lot LOL
I graduated from college in December of 2010. Moved back home and I needed to earn money for graduate school. I applied at Target and a bunch of other places. Target called me back for an interview. I was offered the job took it. However it took them over a week to schedule me for training which in hindsight should have been the cue for me to jump ship right there. Worked there until last Wednesday when my friend called me up and told me he had an application to fill out. Best decision I ever made job wise.
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