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Your Weirdest Scam/Fraud Moment?

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by 6ryan4, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Working in electronics, I've gotten a lot of weird situations where people try to use a fake card to get really expensive stuff. I was wondering what everyone's weirdest situations were.

    In my weirdest scam moment, I was approached by a friendly man looking to get an iPad. He was real nice so I assumed it was a regular transaction. But when I asked him what color and model, he asked "what kinds do you have?" A little tipped off, I told him we had one of every hard drive size. He asked to get the two highest, which were 64 and 128 gigabytes. I was immediately worried now. To make it worse, when I went to check him out, his friend showed up not only with two candles (he told me, direct quote, "I gotta have my candles"), but with $250 worth of Outback Steakhouse gift cards to add to the transaction. At this point, AP, who had been watching the cameras, called GSTL even before I did because he noticed the transaction had reached $1,000. The first man pulled out an incredibly fake-looking green card to try to pay, and it obviously didn't work. When my GSTL showed up, she went on the walkie to call our LoD when she was out of earshot, not realizing my walkie was still on. Having heard the initial call to go to another channel, the two men started chatting under their breath, but I heard something along the lines of, "What's an LoD?" "That's their manager..." They then told me they would go to the bank. They never came back. I found out later that the same guys pulled off a successful scam at our store a week or so ago, which is why they knew our lingo.

    TL;DR, two guys tried to buy a 64gig iPad, a 128gig iPad, $250 in Outback gift cards, and two candles all on the same purchase with the fakest card I had ever seen, and they had already hit up our Target a week prior.
  2. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    That 'fake-looking green card' was probably loaded with stolen card info, a la the Target breach?
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  3. NPC

    NPC 特別な目を開けるためにパトリックを殺す

    Man I hate these kinds of transactions the most because credit card fraud is basically impossible for us to control. All we can do is limit how much they buy. Like with the gift cards for example. Lucky they got scared enough to just leave it all.

    I don't have many scammer stories that I would call "weird." But I do have a few regular scammers I feud with. There's this one guest in particular, whom has been unsuccessfully trying to return coupon fraud merchandise with me for months. Even though he KNOWS that I will not do his return without a receipt. Him and my LOD apparently got into it a while back, and it's my LOD that now requires that this specific guest have his receipt. (even then we've still denied the return) So this guest is actually scared of this LOD. (he's a young, socially awkward guy.) But he still comes in trying to return stuff! I change my hair color pretty frequently, so it's especially funny when he comes up ready to return stuff, and then I hassle him, and finally he recognizes me. "Oh, you used to have (x) hair color." Then he leaves.

    He's tenacious though. I'm pretty confident his brother is in on it too now, because there's another guest whom comes in the same time he does, doing the same thing, and they look alike too. I'm going to start denying his returns now too. Currently we're only doing 3 of his cheapest items.
  4. One time I had a guy try to buy over $20,000 in target giftcards claiming he was using a "company card" LOL
  5. oath2order

    oath2order Scary Socialist

    I had two women try and give me $20 coupons that didn't have a picture on them or words for what it was, it was just $20 off.

    They were trying to buy a shitton of groceries and two phones.

    They also tried flirting with me. Which, y'know, being gay, doesn't really do much.
  6. This isn't fraud, but it's an example of a guest trying to take advantage of the system. Today a guest saw these outdoor Christmas decorations that were $34.99, but the displays had a misprint saying $.01. So he tried to argue with me that I should change them from $34.99 to $.01. I told him we can't do a price change over a $20 difference, and he demanded to speak to a manager. So I called the GSTL over and she told him the same thing, and that the most we could do was a 10% discount (which is very generous). That wasn't good enough for him, so we called the LOD over and once again, she told him the same exact thing.

    I would be more understanding if it was like a $2 difference, but use some common sense. We're not giving away an outdoor snoopy decoration for a penny.
  7. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    Yeah, we've run into that bullshit before.
    It's not a misprint, it's how they print off the labels so TMs know what they are where they go when the POG is set.
    In order to print to label a price has to be set, so $.01.
    The simple answer, "We don't sell fucking displays."
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2015
  8. I don't cashier or am at electronics much but a couple of weeks ago some dudes bought headphones and had three clothes (at electronics) with obviously switched clearance stickers on them (peeled off of something), sweaters that were obviously too new for clearance. I scan the barcodes and tell them "This is coming up $29.99." "I don't want that one." Scan next, pretty much the same thing. Last one they take even though it's full price. Instead of going the obvious way to the exit, they go around the store through the seasonal, market, and then stop at HBA while carrying the bag of one piece of clothes that they bought and then exit with the bag. I called AP after they left electronics but man if they didn't get my attention with all the switched tickets, I wouldn't have thought about them stopping at HBA and bagging some stuff there.
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  9. This is more like a weirdest fraud month but there was a time from April to June when we didn't have ANY TPS or AP, and scammers knew it. They also knew that we had upped our return limit to $250. This led to people bringing in $250 worth of batteries (like they were just pulled off the pegs) and bringing them up to guest service claiming they got them as a "gift". We knew they were lying, couldn't say no, but it was surreal as fuck with these people semi expecting us to believe someone bought them $250 in AAA batteries for their birthday.
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  10. PeytonManning211

    PeytonManning211 Banned - Luna831

    Guests getting receipts from the trash and trying to return merchandise not on the old receipts.
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  11. We have multi threads on this topic. You might want to use search function for additional info.
  12. NPC

    NPC 特別な目を開けるためにパトリックを殺す

    I hate that! I've had guest do this with pillow cases. The Threshold/Feildcrest brand sells like $30 pillowcases. And they're small enough to be a theft item. So I've had guests come in with 6-8 packs, claiming they were gifts, and returning them with their ID. I even asked these guests, "You got a bunch of pillowcases as a gift?" You'd think they'd get flustered at this point, but they've all stuck to their guns. All I'd end up doing is returning 2, and then pretending they were over their ID return limit.
  13. Why couldn't you say no?
  14. Same here. Both with the pillow cases, and with the sticking to your guns. "Someone bought you $200 worth of watch batteries as a gift" "Oh yeah totally."

    GSA and GSTL told me I couldn't. We had no TSP, no ETL-GE, and ETL-AP wasn't always present. We were told to just take it and reprint the return reciept with a description.
  15. Its stories like this that make me think I should just quit my job and move full time to bounty hunting and shoplifting.
  16. Firefox

    Firefox Backroom/SFS Slug

    I would've told the guest that they would need the original receipt for that. Same with any HBA/high ticket purchase. At our store, it's embarrassing just how often people just go out onto the sales floor, grab items, and return them as they are "a gift".

    It doesn't help that our last TPS/APS leaves the store at 10:30 so we have nobody there until the next morning, and we go an hour and a half of store operation without anyone from AP in the building.
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  17. Today, I had a guest try and tell me I gave them an empty bottle of generic adderall....from AUGUST!!! She INSISTED that the bottle in her hand was the one I had JUST given her. Nice try, but it wasn't even the same strength & I also pointed out that I had taken the bottle out and shown her the green sticker that indicated it was a different manufacturer, which was conspicuously missing from the bottle she was claiming I JUST gave her.
  18. Wow. I am so glad that my front end management (and store management as well) actually will stand up to scammers.
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  19. Had a lady that stuck a $5 clearance tag on a baby monitor that was over $200. At first she asked if we were supposed to honor it like our policy states (HAHA). Luckily she had no confidence in what she was doing and backed off as soon as I called the GSTL over.
  20. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Easy enough for AP to pull video showing her putting the sticker on....