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    What in your opinion is the worst thing Target has ever sold?

    The nativity scene made out of gingerbread from a couple of years ago. I mean can you get anymore offensive than an edible baby Jesus?
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    Archived Pfresh Grower boxes

    Anyone in market have the part number for the white absorbent pad in fresh meat?
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    Archived Hours that Your Store is Open

    Blue laws mean no work on Thanksgiving for my team! Thank goodness!
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    TTOTM: recognizing yourself at huddle for doing your job is juvenile. You’re in your late thirties not thirteen!
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    Archived My device replacements?

    Waiting impatiently for the zebras! :(
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    To that one guest

    :rolleyes:Ttog- if your going to take the cell phone of the guest who was ahead of you don't be stupid and charge your purchase! Lol
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    Archived VM TL

    We are on our third!
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    Dear Tm at corp., don't tell a guest we definitely have something. That toy collector came back after you told him. No I'm not going to search the whole damn store for a specific hotwheels that was probably a mispick in the first place. Dear tm don't call for the stl to help find the hotwheels...
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    Archived How many miles do you commute to work?

    about 4 miles less than 15 minutes, even less if school isn't in session.
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    Archived Food for the Overnight Crew

    My store for these overnights got nothing except a thank you at morning huddle, which they were not present for!
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    Logistics Hiding injuries for failing drug tests

    Never heard of them testing anyone in my store, I've been to the hospital, never been tested, but I'm not the type who would do drugs, just clumsy.
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    How do you act as a guest in other stores?

    I'm usually polite. But I do take pictures of their zone (or lack there of) sometimes, for my perverse pleasure :p
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    TTOTM: F U why did so many of you, who took off Christmas Eve think it would be funny to come in to shop late on the day you were unavailable. Thanks you suck!
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    To that one guest

    TTOG Please don't bring in your baby late on Christmas eve, while your shoplifting!
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    To that one guest

    TTOG Thanks for the hug! i'm not sure what I did but thanks for the hug and Merry Christmas to you too!