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    No More ETL HR?

    So THAT's why the ETL-HR left, she must have seen the writing on the wall.
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    Terminated for availability change

    HAHA, they are delusional. Nobody is going to drop everything else to be Spot's bitch. Even meaningful professional salaried careers have better work-life balance expectations.
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    DBO thread

    I laughed a little too hard at this.
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    Target Tech (plus mobile) Issues

    You are correct, Target apparently does not care (or invest) a whole lot on selling phones, why do you think they outsourced the whole operation to Marketsource for the last several years? They didn't want to deal with the logistics of it. Even when Marketsource was running the show, the exact...
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    How to go from TM to TL

    Target Leadership teams are nothing more than a revolving door of glorified high school cliques. Thus, they wont ever let you sit at the cool kids table lest they deem you worthy of joining their exclusive society of key-carriers and Starbucks drinkers. Make no mistake, performance has little to...
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    Logistics What's everyone's opinion on the (possible) elimination of the Reverse Logistics Expert position?

    Receivers often have years of experience under their belt, I wonder if spot is going to offer them the ability to transition into others roles, or just hand them the pink slip and tell them their services are no longer needed. Although who would want to go from 32+ hours a week in the receiver...
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    Saw something In the news about target and a guest who’s estate is suing

    I can see the estate actually winning this one, lots of precedent in favor of defendants in cases of being falsely accused of having child pornography, leading to a Federal investigation that turns up nothing. I hope they get their $1,000,000, honestly that seems reasonable for the gravity of...
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    Is it bad if I call out during my last two weeks (to use up my sick leave)?

    No matter the job, it will definitely leave a bad taste in your employer's mouth. Ask yourself this: Do you ever plan to list Target on your resume, as a reference for a future position or expect to ever work at a target again? If so, then it will probably leave a bad parting impression, and...
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    the rise of minimum wage = more tasks for us?

    They justify all this with Modernization and the fact that spot will raise everyone’s wages to a $15 minimum come 2020. Surely giving you THAT much money merits you taking ownership of THAT much more, being a DBO, completely owning your area AND helping out other parts of the store as needed...
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    The Magic of Disney Comes to Target

    Keizer Oregon ? The middle of bumfuck nowhere? Why not put it in Portland.
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    I may already need to quit

    #1 Career/Employment Advice: If your job starts to negatively affect your health/well-being, physical or emotional, start looking elsewhere.
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    Are we ready for an emergency situation?

    You should always have an emergency escape plan prepared for any workplace environment, whether your employer provides you with one or not. in all honesty, if anything as horrendous as a mass shooting is to break out in any environment, let alone a Target, any form of emergency training is...
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    interview after getting fired

    HR has records, and they will invariable pull up your profile, and find out you were termed 2 months ago. Once they do, they will likely inform you that you are no longer being considered. Compliance violations are taken pretty seriously.
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    Why not also, if they arent already, cut corporate benefits and hours?

    Many large companies make extensive use of temp and contract agencies for cheaper labor to fill seats at Corporate Offices, I wouldn't be surprised if spot does the same, benefit of contracted workers is they don't technically work for you, so you can pay them less, you don't need to pony up for...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    MobilePlus is an absolute failure at every store I have worked at and visited in my area, it is absolutely unsustainable in mid to low volume stores, which are frequently already strapped for payroll hours. Many of these stores simply do not have, or fail to allocate enough hours to the tech...