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  1. Santee Petition for Black Friday It's a petition to tell the CEO to open Target at a reasonable time to allow TM's to spend Thanksgiving with their family's. A similar petition was created last year with over 200,000 signatures. This years petition is at around 10,000 signatures with about 4,000 needed. I...
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    Team Members leading the Team

    That's how I became a TL.
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    So did anyone else pre-order the PS4/Xbox One?

    Some TM lost all the pre-order cards...ALL... so it's first come first serve. But no ones telling that to guest :yes:
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    No Mas

    Another one has been freed =') I'm looking through my cell window at the moonlight hoping to climb out it someday.
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    Are all stores hiring fewer seasonal hires for Q4?

    I think its a good thing they're hiring less and giving more hours to veterans, but so far the newbies this time around totally suck and are completely useless... at least in my store.
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    [ON] How do your nights go?

    We're a AAA store with about 10 RDC and 3-4 FDC, we never really dip below 2500.
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    Being coached for going to dinner with team members.

    We use to go drink with my old ETL ,heck we even go now, even though she's not with us no more. But I wouldn't hang out with these new cats...
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    Snitch or not Snitch.....

    You guys should see our freezers. Half eaten apple, string cheese wrappers, and I even found spoiled cheese in a freezer suit. It was all warm and icky...
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    Front row of parking lights were out last night

    Ours has been out for weeks. Since we are connected to a mall, it's their job, or so i was told. Taking a smoke break at 2 in the morning in the dark is fun...
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    Dress code observance

    Each store has their own sets of rules but when they conflict with the handbook, which one should be followed?
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    We just got the best ETL ever

    Title was misleading, thought it was sarcasm.:D
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    What volunteer events does your store do?

    Our store stopped a while backed as no one was signing up.
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    Why would it be a problem if a female TM was in the freezers? That's asinine to think that, it's like saying women shouldn't pull chemicals or pets and should just stay in HBA or do cosmetics. In my store we have a lady TM pull and backstock autofills and dayside extra's. Plus just recently...
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    Uniforms and accounts?

    Welcome! Everything will be explained during your orientation. You should show up in your own red and khaki, but don't hesitate on asking HR about getting a red shirt or polo.