90 days

  1. chanxiety

    Left Early

    Sup Today I left an hour early because I had a extremely bad migraine. I'm still in my 90 day period, other than this I have not missed a day and I picked up four extra hours yesterday. I have been working really hard at this job. Will this be held against me when my 90 days is up?
  2. T

    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    This modernization will roll out in all stores 2019 but within a month for the pilot stores...they get to iron out the wrinkles
  3. L

    Re-applying after 90 days?

    My 90 days are up in like 17 days. I was let go and told I could apply again when I was hired this year (so like a year later). This sucks because I really enjoyed my job, I loved the people I met, and I was really happy. I feel extremely mislead because during my interview I was told I would...
  4. J

    coming up close to 90 days at Target, help helpful hints?

    So, I'm coming up close to 90 days at Target. we are a smaller Target. I work on the Market team. (Non seasonal) I've been reminded by my leaders a couple of times over the past few weeks to work a bit more efficiently. Basically, don't over do it. Fill up your cart full with product so you...
  5. L

    I’m on day 76 of my 90 day probation period, if they were going to let me go, wouldn’t they have

    already done so? 14 days left, I’m very nervous and hope I’ll make it, I NEED THIS JOB! Also my TL confirmed that I have never hit lunch compliance, but apparently two people did and apparently weren’t fired for it....
  6. A

    Worried About Getting Cut After 90 Days

    Hey all, I'm new to Target and to The Break Room. I'm finishing out my second month at my store with 90 days just a few weeks away. I am a high school student, and a band member to boot, which of course causes some real scheduling issues. It's already led to some pretty serious problems. I've...
  7. slegab21

    Hours of Availability

    Some background: I'm a month into my job as a Cashier - the first two weeks I was on the learning plan and only worked 4 hours shifts, with a total of 16 hrs per week. Then, for the past two weeks I've worked 40 hour weeks - with usually 8 hour shifts. When I was hired I checked part time, and...
  8. themusicalfruit

    Using my 90 days against me???

    So, I'm still within my 90s days, and I feel like my supervisor uses my 90 days as an excuse to not help me. Like, there have been a few times during my shifts when I literally am holding onto things so I don't pass out and standing closer to the trash can so if I need to barf I won't be too far...
  9. S

    Sales Floor Approaching the end of probation....

    Hey everyone, As the title suggests, I'm approaching the end of my 90 days probationary period.. And well I just wanted some opinions on my current situation. I'll start out by saying I enjoy the job (my first job) and it makes me happy to help out people with questions/problems. Also, I do...
  10. S

    What are the chances I keep my job?

    I recently got hired at a starbucks inside Target. About a month ago to be exact. I've been doing okay besides really minor things like I forgot to clean the grinder one day before closing and I left some whip creams beside the sink and didn't write on the board that I wasn't able to open them...
  11. P

    90 Probation Period

    I'm about 2/3 of the way done with my 90 days and I'm worried if they'll keep me on after my days are up. When I'm at work I give it all I got, try my best to help out in the areas that need it, and I generally get along with most of the GSAs, but I do have some concerns. My main concern is that...
  12. S

    Sales Floor 90 day probation period

    So i just started at target in aug as a soft lines team member im still under my 90 days and just got moved to instocks and i don't like it my question is can i tell them i wanna go back to softlines or will it just look bad if i say anything also what is the usual schedule for the instock team...
  13. C

    What are my chances of making it past probation?

    Hi, so I'm getting really mixed feelings about my prognosis. All of the ETLs seem to love me and a GSTL even stopped me the other day and said she heard ETLs talking about me and I must be doing something right. That being said, everyone loving me doesn't mean shit when TWICE in two weeks I have...