1. T

    Write up

    Back in March I got written up. I got called to the office, my ETL read the write up and that was it. Today my leader said that him and my ETL forgot to send it over to my workday and they were going to send it over soon for me to acknowledge. 6 months later. I wonder why this just came up...
  2. IWTLCTH92

    Hypocrite team leader 😈

    How to tell if a team leader is trying to make me quit my job? Plus, she’s the ETL.
  3. J

    Can you get a CA for anything?

    Another team member at my store got written up because they forgot to audit after an INF during an order
  4. H

    Ethics violation?

    Team members and team leads are being threatened by ETLs and the SD with corrective actions for not "coming completely clean" in their area. At the same time, no one is allowed to extend shifts or work overtime. Is this an ethics violation? This would be understandable with different...
  5. P

    Question about coaching

    I recently got coached for being on my phone and my lead caught me checking the time on my phone while she was heading home. Can they do anything to me about that? I'm close to a termination.
  6. S

    Corrective Actions

    What is the proper process for Corrective Actions? Are they supposed to be written before the TM or TL is called into to an office to discuss?
  7. T

    should i consult a lawyer?>

    Im having suspicions im being performanced out based on lies.
  8. Dream Baby

    CA for Work Performance

    So my TL gave me a CA that I didn't finish my work supposedly. For anonymity let's say that work was done on Tuesday however I was off on Wednesday and Thursday and the TL was off Friday. Therefore I wasn't informed until Saturday. Couldn't the TL have sent me a message in Workday or another...
  9. 2muchXPasTL

    CA or Final CA question

    Hi, I've been with target many years and perform really well with my job and have been approached to promote numerous times before with my previous STL's. About 4 years ago, we got a new SD who was about as corrupt as they come, if not more. Long story short, he didn't like how much of a threat...
  10. A

    How many documented conversations until you get a CA?

    I had one documented conversation about my attendance with my leader before she left. Our new ETL just called me up and told me I was get a CA because I have had conversation*s* before about my attendance. I had called out once last week because of a migraine and once this week because I kept...
  11. 1


    Hey I’m a fairly new team lead... how do your coaching conversations go ? As far as attendance or performance.. examples would help. Also do you necessarily have to let someone know you are coaching them ?
  12. A

    Call. Out

    If im on corrective action what do I do if I get sick?
  13. E

    Regarding Undocumented Coachings

    I am submitting to ask the general question: Are undocumented coachings in violation of Target policies and Code of Ethics? After being recently involved in a situation that resulted in an action of coaching by my AP ETL and SD, I was being told that it would be a coaching and it wouldn’t be...
  14. RealFuckingName

    Answered Not told I'm "getting written up"

    I was spoken to by HR ETL about an incident involving a conflict with another TM during which I cursed; and she reported me. There was no mention of being written up. Does that mean I was simply coached? Or can they write you up without telling you? Thanks.
  15. Dream Baby

    How long is a Corrective Action Valid?

    So I got a Corrective Action and noticed it precludes me from transferring or getting promoted FOR A YEAR. Is that on the form by default? My TL never bothered to explain that part to me. Do they do this so you will quit before they fire you? I have always thought Spot doesn't considering it...
  16. Spotman

    Corrective action months later?

    Hello, I received a CA months later. To be exact it’s almost four months later. For NCNS, the thing is I call before the store is opened for my shift. I work early mornings , so since guest services is closed I text my store director or ETL. But in those three times it happened I texted my...
  17. M

    I'm Lost! Final corrective action after being only talked to once?

    So, recently I was put on final corrective action due to me putting a product I wanted to buy away and then forgot about it and never put it back. I know, shouldn't have done that, but plenty of other people have done it without getting in trouble. Anyway, the ETL-hr only talked to me once for...
  18. D

    Automatic CA

    So I had a question for the more veteran team members. Is there anything that leads to an automatic CA when it comes to PIT incidents if you're not on a safety trend?
  19. GlobalTL123

    What is a pip

    Does a pip (performance improvement plan) replace corrective action? What is it exactly and is it the same as corrective or ?
  20. ImRickGrimes

    Archived What does it take for a team lead to be fired?

    So in the four months our Inbound Team Lead has been here, they've... -Had at least four No Call No Shows (two of which everyone was waiting outside 2+ hours for another manager to let them in) -Gone in the back room off the clock (our store manager was pissed when he found out). -Told us to...