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    Archived Cutting hours while ordering delivery for the store 3 days in a row

    So very recently our HR Leader left and after her departure I can't help but feel that whoever is scheduling things just doesn't know what their doing...I'm a cart attendant I've been with target for over 2 years and in those 2 years my hours had only ever been cut twice or once a year...but...
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    Archived Sending anonymous complaints

    Hi, I know that phone calls aren't truly anonymous and I'm afraid to send any emails where it could be traced to me. Does anyone know if an email to webmaster@target would eventually trickle down? I could use a Yahoo email or something. I'm 100% sure there'd be retaliation so I want to be...
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    To That One Guest - II

    To help keep the forum optimized and running smoothly, we archived the previous thread and created a new one! Thanks to our Original Poster - @Hardlinesmaster for starting it! Previous Thread Link - To That One Guest I
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    Archived I got pulled into the office because a guest complained. Will this affect me or impact bad?

    So I got asked by ETL-GE that supposedly last week while I was working in Electronics which BTW was really busy working on the truck, someone complained that while this person (a woman) was around therr I never provided any Guest Service (asking her if she was doing ok, she needed any help)...
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    Archived store frustration

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    Archived Can the ETL really do this?

    I just want to first put it out there, this thread will be biased, as it will all from my point of view. I also want to know where it went wrong. Now, I've been working in this store for one and a half year so I'm rather familiar with how things go. The one thing about our store is that it is...
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    Archived Privacy breach?

    I've recently left target, and was talking to an ex coworker of mine, who informed me that one of our SL-TL was telling everyone I was fired, and that I called out my last day, crying about how I had to move because me and my bf broke up. I was a little confused by this (especially considering...
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    Archived Guests Say the Darndest Things...

    We've all had those experiences where a guest will say or do something that really makes you wonder if you're not part of some prank, a joke, an impromptu skit, or if you've finally lost your mind and are hallucinating the whole thing. Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes you want to cry...
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    Archived I hate it when...

    Just another thread to complain about the things guests do! ------ I hate it when I have a line of people at Food Ave, only 4 pizzas, and the guest in front gets them all. Good for sales, but bad because all of the other people in the line usually want pizza as well and they have to wait...
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    To that one guest

    Guests first To that one guest: You know them all & drive us crazy!