1. H

    Assets Protection Ap dating

    It's still unacceptable for any ap team members including the etl to date or mess with anybody in the store including other etls, correct?
  2. R

    TL TM kind of relationship?

  3. T

    Need serious advice

    Have a senior Team lead female having an affair with a team member ( male ) which leads to special treatment . There is evidence out legit evidence . Photos , video , call log etc . The integrity hotline was called and the website . What should be the next step . You call corporate but they...
  4. K

    Manager being weird, any adivce?

    Okay so I've been working here for around 6 mos and I have come to enjoy my manager as an aquantince/friend and THATS IT. Well the other day he pulls me aside and tells me that he apparently got told by a "leader" high above him that he has been playing favoritism with me and now he cant...
  5. L

    Target Love Stories

    a while ago one of my good coworkers started talking with our ETL log. She’s a regular tm and they’ve now been dating for a year.. our STL knows and she’s okay with it. In fact all the team leaders know, they just keep it hidden from team members. I guess it’s obviously ASANTS with target dating...
  6. TargetRetailTX

    Just Curious

    My SrTL & I had a spark lmao I know how cheesy that is. But I’m a newly hired GSTL — would it be fine to date?
  7. I

    Workplace Crush

    Gahhhh, I forgot that being a team lead has one pretty big can’t act on any crushes you have on people who aren’t TLs! I really like my guest service team member but I can’t take the risk of telling her and asking her to keep it a secret. Never know if she’d use it against me if...
  8. starmaster1000

    When the Target Love is Real

    How deep does the love for the job get? This deep.
  9. J

    My boyfriend doesn't support and understand me. He always sides everybody else but me. I need advice please

    I think most people here will be able to understand me better. I'm having so many problems at Spot. I have already mentioned how this TLs keep giving me bullshit coachings (16! Yup! 16) for not doing Guest Service in my area. No matter what I tell him, he always sides my TL's and ETLs on...
  10. Planosss

    Sexual harassment at my store.

    l dont know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but like the title says, how often do you find yourself flirting and actively trynna smash a guest or a TM. I have been actively doing that, since its a numbers game.
  11. A

    Ever found out a coworker led a secret life?

    Spill it all here...
  12. G

    Online dating websites

    Which gives the best chance of finding someone? I'm not talking about a booty call or one night stand. I want to casually date with the possibility of something long term. I use the free versions of, okcupid, zoosk, and plenty of fish and I'm tempted to suck it up and try a...
  13. Bullseyerc

    Conflict of interest between TM and Srtl/ETL.

    What’s your store rule on this? Can team members/leaders and ETLs or SRTL date or hangout outside of work at your store? How about ETLs/SRTL giving a team member a ride home or vice versa? Is texting aloud? Is there a set policy? If so how would this apply to STLs? How about with team leads...
  14. S


    I see a dating thread but what about being friends? Can a TL and an AP TM be friends outside of work? Or does the dating thread pertain to any type of relationship outside of work?
  15. softlinessgal

    anyone have a crush on anyone at their store?

    while i do have a crush on two people at spot, i was wondering if anyone else had any attraction or crushes on their coworkers.
  16. HRZone

    Is there anyone at your store you're in awe of?

    Not in an attractive way. Shout out to all you ladies talking about the good looking men in AP earlier today I am more referencing people who work incredibly quickly, with great effort or just have a special skill. I am in awe of my stores flow TL. He is incredibly shy which is odd for a TL...
  17. U

    How to ask someone out

    There's a guy at work I think is nice. Rather attractive. We chat once in a while. He's backroom. I'm signing. How do I ask him out. The issue is ... I can't tell if he's gay. I've asked around subtlety if he has a gf, but everyone says he never talks about it. Do I just act courageously...
  18. A


  19. W

    Your partner in crime

    I have a weird relationship with one of my fellow cashiers, we are honestly really good friends and we get along well but neither of us have any desire to take it outside of work and that's awesome. We have a lot of stupid inside jokes. Anytime we're scheduled at the same time usually the first...
  20. H

    Prompted by dating thread

    What is the deal with team members hanging out with leadership outside of work? I know that it probably depends on the store and stuff but I was thinking about this today and I'm wondering how it is at your stores. At mine, it seems fine and some even hang out with the people they supervise...