dress code

  1. commiecorvus

    The Target Dress Challange?

    Is this really a thing? A lot of people seem to have made it one. But I hadn't heard about it till today. https://www.boredpanda.com/target-dress-challenge/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=lmaomommy&fbclid=IwAR13OcsRGCqF_FufhYOUBchYG6mbWD94Lh4Lvo6PcLcIx9Kn-09Pq9VZhiQ
  2. T

    Hats on the clock?

    Hey break room, so I’ve been a Target employee for about a year and a half now. I’ve been a cart attendant the entire time and I love my job, but my frustration is building. Since I’ve started I’ve always worn a hat on the job. I always wear a hat and at first my leaders all said it was fine...
  3. A

    Tm shirts

    Does anyone know where to order a new target tm shirt.? Maybe the black one with bullseye on front of the shirt?
  4. IWishIKnew

    Ear Piercings?

    So, I keep seeing these FB ads for something called Rowan offering ear piercing appointments at Target. Is that BS? It feels like BS.
  5. B

    Can I wear a dark red sweater?

    It's like a maroon color. Red wine. Burgundy if you will
  6. G

    black leggings while pregnant

    Would Target allow me to wear black maternity leggings while pregnant..
  7. G

    What kind of pants?

    I know we can wear blue jeans but, are tan colored jeans acceptable? Does the shade of tan matter? I have a pair of khaki Levi jeans and a pair of Van Huesen 5 pocket flex jeans in a dark khaki to light brown color.
  8. T

    Dress code

    We recently have been informed that we can't wear hoodies in the building. Is this the same across the network?
  9. wheresmyzebra

    New and Old T-Shirts

    Hey Team, I thought I'd share a couple new designs with the group, I had some time on my hands this week... All available for purchase at https://www.teepublic.com/user/wheresmyzebra Also available as masks! New Cute Spot . Old - Dabbing Bullseye
  10. J

    Dress code

    Are you allowed to wear any other color shirts as long as you have a red vest on? Just wanted to make sure
  11. K

    Dresses at work?

    Today I was told by my TL that I needed to either buy a new outfit to wear or go home and change and come back because I was wearing a red dress. Rather than a top with pants. I told her there is nothing in the dress code that forbids wearing a dress, and that my previous two stores allowed the...
  12. G


    I am very political. I know we are allowed to wear any shirt we want as long as we have a vest on I want to wear a black lives matter shirt. Do y’all think they’ll dress code me for this?
  13. RealFuckingName

    Answered What dress is too "hot" for Target

    Asking for a friend
  14. S

    Answered Is this red color uniform compliant and acceptable?

    I am looking to add a little style to my target uniform. Is this red acceptable, or is way off from the Target Red? What do you guys think? Thanks for the help.
  15. S

    Red vests

    Lmao this is such a dumb question but me and another team member were just curious as to where other stores keep their red vests for team members?
  16. LiveatTarget

    Can I get away with wearing these? Thoughts?

    I know they aren’t solid, but I say more professional than the red soccer shirts I see some people wear. 😏
  17. wheresmyzebra

    Team Member Shirts

    Take a look at the shirt I created. Does anyone have any other fun shirts they like to wear? Purchase link: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/6715451-target-team-member-dabbing-bullseye-christmas-ligh?store_id=255085
  18. jackandcat

    Does anyone in your store still wear khakis?

    When I'm at the store, I very rarely see TMs or ETLs wearing khakis (though our SD usually does). At your store, are many TMs still wearing khaki trousers?
  19. S

    I'm Lost! Jean dress code!

    hey guys so i just got hired recently for starbucks and they said we can wear denim jeans w no rips. i was just wondering does it have to be a specific wash or style or am i able to wear bootcut, mom style, boyfriend, straight, or just skinny since i see a lot of girls only wear skinny.
  20. Omnitech

    Archived Target Vest question

    Does anyone know where to purchase them? I know it's a thing that the business purchases, but I was wondering if there is some external vendor that I could buy some from for my own personal use, or even a vendor that can customize something similar. Thanks for any info!