MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

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Mar 9, 2019
We got permission to do something truly radical. Well, we were actually ordered from above to do it starting today. Truck started unloading at 4am. The entire team went to stock paper, then moved on to HBA. Next up was infants. Then, it was a quick blitz of personal care. PP2 DBOs started coming in and they blitzed market out. All PP1 141s were dropped and stocked before the store opened too.

Truly amazing how well that worked. Actually getting the shelves stocked with high demand items before the store opened and the hordes swarmed in. It's crazy.
We started doing the same thing. It worked amazingly.
Sep 25, 2017
Oh, I hope we don't do this wave thing again at my store. Hated it back when this was how truck was done because too many TMs don't care and overstock horrendously or put things in the wrong places, like name brand where store brand goes. It was a disaster.
Don't think we'll need to though because we're starting earlier, stocking high traffic areas first so they're ready when the store opens. Some DBOs are getting help from other TMs, but they're still in their areas. Low traffic areas - basically everything other than essentials and market now - wait until later.
Jul 4, 2019
How’s everyone been doing? My store has around 50 LOAs. OPUs are crazy. It’s unfortunate the situation we’re in but my store has made overtime available. I’ll probably get in about 20 hours OT this week and 10 from last week. No masks at our store yet so I’m trying my best to stay far away from guests and minimize my close contact with fellow team members and advise them to do the same. Hope everyone is well and practicing safe actions.