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Angry "Extreme" couponers

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by LexiRed, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. LexiRed

    LexiRed New Team Member

    Idk if anyone else has had the extreme couponers come down your lane and try to ram about forty coupons that clearly state limit one per purchase (limit two per household) I've had multiple guest last week come down my lane who have argued with me, tell me that other cashiers do it, and that I obviously don't understand our store coupon policy. :wacko: I know everyone has to tighten their belts and what not but why must they be so rude about me doing my job when after all I need it to help my family. I had one guest ask me why their $5 coupon wouldn't be accepted for their $4.50 item where it clearly stated that the coupon should not exceed the items price or anything below ($6.00). Sorry rambling just these self-titled extreme couponers are driving me crazy!!!! :girl_sigh::angel:
  2. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

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  3. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    Extreme couponers are the worst... All you can do is know the policy and enforce it as well as any restrictions that may be listed on the coupon(s). Partner with GSTL if guest becomes irate.
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  4. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    At my store, they ALWAYS head for the newbies because they know they're unsure, can be bullied & seldom call for help.
    Whenever I saw someone with a stack of coupons in a newb's line, I'd stand nearby & watch. It quickly turned into a learning experience, especially since I kept a print-out of the current policy on my clipboard.
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  5. OP

    LexiRed New Team Member

    Oh I wish! :girl_cry3: My GSA and my GSTL would rather get annoyed at me for bothering them with the dispute and they are all over the place either doing something GSTL related or talking it up with certain TM's over at GS that they are hard to get a hold of so I'm left arguing with guest who then proceed to swear at me and NO WAY do I take that if I have a line I suspend the person's transaction and help the other guest or if that person is the only one in my lane I shut my light off, suspend the transaction, and tell her as politely as I can that I will not continue helping her rude ass face. :girl_dance::bye:

    Not to say I don't like to accept coupons but when I see those ladies with their binders and boxes I cringe hoping they are not those unreasonable crazy freaks who will try and confuse you and throw down their interpretation of what their coupon states. I stick to my guns until told otherwise and that rarely happens a guest said I owed her money but I told her politely that no she argued her coupon for Crest toothpaste was $3 off and she had one for $2.99 (and had used a coupon to knock $0.25) I explained to her that the coupon could not be accepted since it exceed the amount the item was for. She called me a idiot asked for my first and last name when I gave her my first name and not my last she then asked for why I wouldn't give her my last not getting into that argument I pointed toward my GSTL who was thankfully talking to out ETL-GS and told her to give her complaints to management. Void her transaction and sent her on her steaming way.

    (SORRY! Have a lot of coupon horrors. Maybe its because I'm really sweet when guest come through my lane that they think they'll sucker me or intimidate me. Ohhhh how wrong they are!)
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  6. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    I've couponed for years. Always read the terms on store coupons & never pushed unless it was an obvious bait & switch.
    I understand that folks use 'em even more because of the economy but I absolutely DESPISE people who try to game the system. They're the very reason limits have to be imposed.
  7. eleuthreophile

    eleuthreophile Team Trainer

    We have a sr GSTL who is VERY strict with couponers because she's sick of them scamming us, and one night we had an extreme couponer come through. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but the guest became irate and started recording the cashier and GSTL on her cell phone and threatened to sue us or something ridiculous. She was removed from the store in short order, lol.
  8. OP

    LexiRed New Team Member

    :D amazing I applaud your SR GSTL :D nothing better then when your manager actually follows store policy :) I unfortunately work cashier tomorrow (closing cashier tomorrow....can someone say ugh?)
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  9. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    If your GSTL/GSA won't help you, they aren't doing their job properly. You can report them to ETL-HR saying that you aren't receiving proper support to stop coupon scammers from your GSA/GSTL.
  10. OP

    LexiRed New Team Member

    Our HR is really bad she's a two-faced liar says she'll get to something we ask. We follow up she's forgotten the whole conversation. I miss our old HR but she passed away about a year ago...she was amazing she helped me get 3weeks off to take personal leave so I could travel with my family and she always had a smile...she was so young when she left us :/
  11. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    She died?? :eek: So sad
  12. OP

    LexiRed New Team Member

    Yes, she died of a form of lukemia (acute i believe) sad thing is she didn't know she had lukemia. She died July 4th due to flu sickness she got which became severe by the lukemia. I would reveal her name but it would reveal my location(the day of her death is too much info at that) she will be missed she was a prime example of someone who lived and breathed for Target guest but employees as well. :'(
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  13. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    I could be wrong on this, but in the $5 Q for the $4.50 item case, you could accept it and just adjust it down. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me, but I've had cashiers do that on mine before (and that was before I was an employee). When I did it, I pointed it out to the cashier AS she was ringing it up and she thanked me for it. I've also had them say "no big deal" on $3 Qs for a $2.99 item.

    I had a lady one day who wanted to use a Target Q for Claritin D with a manufacturer for $5 of a $15ct or higher. I told her I could only use the Target one because we only carry 5 or 10ct (which were both on sale and the 10 ct would've ended up about $2). She threw a hissy fit and insisted I "call the manager". I did and he still refused to do it. She ended up calling corporate (and lying, of course, saying the Q was for a 5ct or higher), who called the STL, who came over to verify what the Q was actually for, and he stood up to corporate. I'm so happy he has our backs like that :)
  14. OP

    LexiRed New Team Member

    Nope you're right but the guest I get demand that I don't adjust the coupons. Which unfortunately we do at my store. :) Glad to hear ur STL could back you up!
  15. kortz

    kortz New Team Member

    This is my exact story one of the first days I was put on cashier instead of Food Ave.
    At this point in time I am fearful of cashier shifts, they last so long and gives me plenty opportunity to mess up.
    The post in it's entirety was true, as a newbie I rarely ask for help, and each time I have I end up getting 'evil' stares.
    Coupons are my worst nightmare right now.

    Apparently I had a regular 'couponer' pick me out as a newbie and cashed in twice before I even thought to call someone over.
    So..SPOT lost a lot of money and I got scolded by other TM and it did turn into a fast learning experience.
    I am thankful for the user who posted coupon guidelines because my register 'training' cannot be considered as such as I was never informed or proofed on any guidelines.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2013
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  16. OrangeJuice

    OrangeJuice New Team Member

    Coupons suck because the coupon policy and best practice for accepting coupons are normally contradictory. The coupon policy is also vague and not always definite. Coupon may be reduced, just like how some items used to have restocking fees. Best Practice is not to adjust anything and let POS do all the work (I think the only coupons that get adjusted automatically are Target coupons), but the POS will usually give guests overage to apply to other items and won't adjust manufacturer coupons. Sometimes it will be ridiculous when it comes to BOGOs and the sometimes faulty "Pick Item" system.

    Because the policy is not always clear, stores end up making their own rules for the coupon policy at times and it can be very inconsistent, from store to store and from manager to manager and from guest to guest and from cashier to cashier.

    Target coupons are okay for the most part. Manufacturer coupons are the headaches.


    Although we do have plenty of couponers that come through the store. There are the OTC/brush head/razor coupon returners. There are the use coupons on only clearance people. There are the baby formula buyers with coupons/rebate coupons that buy a ton and return them too. The I'm-too-good-for-the-four-identical-coupons-rule people. The I-can't-read-coupons people. The "the other store accepted my expired coupon" people. The "oh I forgot my coupons" people at the end of a transaction so the coupons won't show on their original receipt when they return the stuff the next day. Sometimes they're not all bad people and saw a coupon on an item that ended up being a year or two old once you actually opened it.
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  17. Charmander

    Charmander New Team Member

    I'm not gonna give too many details but all I'm going to say is that if the GSTL knows you're not a regular cashier and are up for backup, that you have to be back on the sales floor, that they should try to diffuse the situation and take over instead of letting them deal with it. Now it may sound like I'm whining and before someone mentions that cashiering is part of the core roles....is that if you knew what happened before and after calling for help, then you'd agree with me that the GSTL should have taken over. /rant
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  18. eleuthreophile

    eleuthreophile Team Trainer

    Yesterday I had a couple women come through my line with $20 off any DVD coupons, four coupons per person. They scanned at POS, but it seemed super fishy to me. They also had $10 off any Energizer product (I adjusted those down as necessary). Anyone else seen these?
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  19. Barcode

    Barcode Guest

    Are they internet coupons or regular? Theres a few ways to find a fraud coupon
  20. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing purveyor of things

    My GSTLs told us to watch out for the DVD coupons and call them over if a guest tried to use one. I haven't heard about the Energizer coups though.