Calling off through mytime

May 6, 2020
You think they pickup? My store doesn't. Its funny because I KNOW the closing TLs are signed into the phones because they always flex about it lol.
My store just recently put up signs about dialing 9 to get a TL.

Knowing my store it probably has been possible to do that for months but they didn't bother to tell anyone.


Master NCR Torture Device Operator
May 31, 2018
dialing 9 to get a TL.
possible for years
Still requires Leaders to be signed into the phones under the Leader line. Rarely do they ever at my store.

I used to sign in under it because no one would answer it and then just put the calls on 80 or 81 and walkie them (basically playing operator). Now that non-Leaders can't do that, no one answers that line either lol.

The phone system hangs up on you after 3 minutes of ringing with no answer.