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Jul 11, 2011
ehr: - info on 401k, pay, & vacation from spot. plus, you can access ehr from here except for max stuff. for team member services/ehr
go to bottom of screen under team member services for access. you must login first from store or dc for home access. no max schedule access.

Phone numbers are:

Team member services center(tmsc) - everything human resources related!


Hq crisis hotline

target team member emergency fund - ask your etl hr for the application.

Store crisis hotline - weather closures, etc
800-888-0333 - enter your store or dc# for status

liferesources hotline
877-616-0510 - 7 days a week, 24 hours help on personal events

websites: - login for info on 401k, pay, & vacation from spot. plus, you can access ehr from here except for max stuff.

liferesources website: - comapny id: liferesources

my discounts & perks website - verizon, a t & t, sprint & other stuff

Thanks Hardlinesmaster! for $50 gift card till 09/30/12. Good site any way!

The NurseLine is a free resource available to all team members that provides a first step in seeking nonemergency health services. Nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you make good health care decisions and to provide peace of mind.

Call the NurseLine at 866-553-8711
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From target pay site:

As a Target Stores Team Member, you are eligible for:

At date of hire:
  •  Team Member Discount
  •  Team Member LifeResources
  •  NurseLine
  •  Travel Accident

    At 6 months* if you average 19.5-29.49 hours per week:
  •  Vacation- You begin to accrue and can start using vacation
  •  Sick Hours (CA, HI, NJ, NY, RI)
  •  Bereavement (Funeral) Pay

    At 6 months* if you average 29.5 hours or more per week:
  •  Vacation- You begin to accrue and can start using vacation
  •  Sick Hours (CA, HI, NJ, NY, RI)
  •  Bereavement (Funeral) Pay
  •  Personal Holidays (up to 2 days)- You begin to accrue and can start using personal holiday time
  •  National Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas)

    Additional benefits at 12 months* if you average 19.5-29.49 hours per week:
  •  Dental
  •  Daycare Flexible Spending Account (Daycare FSA)
  •  Group Legal Plan
  •  Adoption Assistance
  •  Life Insurance (Target Paid, Supplemental, Spouse/Domestic Partner and Dependent Life)
  •  Short-Term Disability (team members in California, Hawaii**, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island have disability insurance through their state Disability Program, not through Target’s Short-Term Disability Plan)
  •  Long-Term Disability

    Additional benefits at 12 months* if you average 29.5 or more hours per week:
  •  Medical
  •  Dental
  •  Vision Eyewear Plan, available with medical enrollment
  •  Life Insurance (Target Paid, Supplemental, Spouse/Domestic Partner and Dependent Life)
  •  Short-Term Disability (team members in California, Hawaii**, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island have disability insurance through their state’s Disability Program, not through Target’s Short-Term Disability Plan).

  •  Long-Term Disability
  •  Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (Healthcare FSA)
  •  Daycare Flexible Spending Account (Daycare FSA)
  •  Group Legal Plan
  •  Adoption Assistance
From another thread: changes to vacation usage
So the changes I'm seeing are:
  • Vacation caps out at 1.5 your limit
  • Vacation time won't get paid out when you leave unless you retire, or when legally required. This applies only to vacation time gained after Jan 1
  • TMs that work at least 30 hours a week will get 4 hours of paid well being time per year for health appointments, volunteer activities, financial planning meetings
  • TM Moms who are eligible for Short Term Disability and been with Target for 1 year will get 2 weeks of paid maternity leave. Those that don't qualify get 2 weeks unpaid leave
  • Bereavement time will now include funerals, reading of wills/final documents, and making final arrangements for family members. TM's will be eligible for 3 days of Bereavement time for the loss of close family members and 4 hours for distant family and close friends
So it looks like if you're planning on quitting, use up that vacation first. Looks like we are getting some added benefits though.

asidius, Today at 1:03
3. I have accrued vacation time/sick time/personal leave days that I will not use before leaving my company. Is the company required to pay me for that time?
It depends on the type of leave that you have. 24 states--Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (after one year of employment), Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming--and the District of Columbia require that your employer include any unused vacation pay that has accrued (that you would have been entitled to use) in your final paycheck.

Source: Final Pay - Workplace Fairness

So they are so hard up for money, they are willing to put a policy into place that won't affect half the states (including Minnesota and people at the corporate office!) because of employment laws, and will screw over the other half of the states. Classy.

Retail Girl, Tuesday at 7:42
Target Client Support Center:
1 (612) 304-4357
To reset your password, press 1, and then 1 for English, and then when prompted enter your
TM number followed by #
Last 4 digits of social security number followed by #
4 digit birth month and day followed by #

Press 1 to reset the password. You can't change your password over the phone, you can reset it and get a temporary password valid for 24 hours. You can only change your password in store, I've heard rumblings that it works from home but it has never worked for me.
From info page.
Retiree Discount and Retirement Gift

  1. You may be eligible for the Target retiree discount privilege, as well as a retirement gift, if you meet all of the following criteria:❏❏ Are at least 55 years old when you leave the company.

    ❏❏ Have 10 years of credited and continuous service, starting after your latest hire date. A year

    of credited service is a calendar year in which you were paid for 1,000 or more hours. (If you were age 45 or older and an active team member on December 31, 2002, five years of credited and continuous service will qualify under the grandfathered rule. Note: If you left the company and were rehired January 1, 2003 or after, you need to meet the 10-year eligibility rules.)

    If you are eligible for a retirement gift, you will receive information in the mail approximately two months after your retirement date.
Leave of absence contact info:

What to do/Contacts

The first step in the leave process is for the team member to contact their HR partner or leader. Team members may be asked to call the Target Leave and Disability team directly at 800-828-5850, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT.
The Target Leave and Disability team handles most leave and disability administration processes for team members.
The fax number is 847-554-1660. Please include your claim number (if known) or team member ID number on your fax.
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The end of 2015 is quickly approaching. To ensure you receive tax statements from Target, follow these steps.

W-2 – Wage Tax Statement

You are currently enrolled to receive your 2015 W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) electronically.

Around Jan. 15, 2016 an e-mail will be sent to you from notifying you that tax statements are available online. Please try logging in now to ensure you are able to access the site to view your tax statement.

Accessing the site:

1.Log in at

·Verify that your e-mail address is correct selecting Account Settings > View / Update Contact & Notification Options

2.Use Forgot User ID or Password links for assistance

3.For troubleshooting contact the HR Operations Center at 1-800-394-1885


If you moved in the last year, please ensure Target has your correct address on file. Log in to insideTGT Pay & Benefits / eHR > more pay & benefits content > personal information & life events > address

Affordable Care Act Form (1095) - Benefits Tax Statement

New this year, Target is required to provide a 1095 form to team members that were eligible for medical benefits in 2015. If you receive the 1095 form, have it available when you file your taxes.

Receive it electronically – Sign up by Jan. 8:

1. Log in at

·Use your existing User ID and Password; do not create a new account

2.Select to receive your 1095 form electronically by selecting Account Settings > View / Update Contact & Notification Options

3.Save Notification Option Settings before logging out

Note: Electronic 1095 will be available around Jan. 22. If you do not sign up for an electronic 1095, and were eligible for medical benefits, you will receive a paper 1095 mailed to your home address on file.

Hmmm....I got paid for the day plus my time and a half for working it. I'm only a team member.
You sure that pay wasn't for Christmas? Christmas and New Years fall on the same paycheck for half the stores.


Thanks to another member.
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This whole "well-being" time is complete bullshit, and they have it setup to make it as hard as possible to use what little of it you do get. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who uses it to see how easy or hard it was to get approved.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, I found the entire pay and time off guide buried on the pay and benefits website, and it's quite an interesting read.

You can get to it this way:
- Menu
- Pay & Time Off
- Time-off Program Guide for Non-Exempt Team Members (near the bottom)
- Time Off (near the middle)
- Time Off Program Guide for Non Exempt TM

Thanks to a member.
Sick leave accruals:
Team members accrue one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked (0.033334 hours earned for every hour worked).
What about termination, what happens then?

Accrued but unused vacation time. If your employment is terminated for any reason, all unused vacation accrued after January 1, 2016, will be forfeited unless you work in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Rhode Island, or employment ends due to retirement or death. If you have any unused vacation prior to January 1, 2016, that vacation will be paid to you upon termination—regardless of the state in which you worked or the reason for which your employment ended. Any payment of accrued and unused vacation required by law will be paid in a lump sum.

Accrued but unused personal holiday time. Personal holiday hours earned but unused will not be paid to you upon termination, unless you work in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Rhode Island. Any payment of accrued but unused personal holidays required by law will be paid in a lump sum.
From another thread:
Any vay-cay/sick hrs accrued before 12/31/15 will be paid out on your last check.
Any accrued after that will be forfeit unless you put in to use it before your last day.
Remember that you can't exceed your weekly avg when putting in vay-cay so you might have to extend your last day to include those hours. Sick pay use will depend on your state & may have to be used in the same fashion.
Look on your last paycheck of 2015 to see how many hours you can get paid out THEN look to see how many accrued in 2016 that you'll need to use before leaving.

redeye58, Yesterday at 5:41 PM
Etl STAR interviews:
The answer to your question(s) are pretty simple. During your interview be honest and yourself. They will ask you 4-5 situational questions (total of 3 rounds I believe) just to see what type of leader you are. Remember to paint them a picture because what they are looking for in each question that you answer is to be outlined in the following way:

Situation - how does your answer relate to the question
Example: tell me about a time you had to make a tough decison
You - During college ect..... <--- you are painting them a picture so tehy can visually see your answer.
Task - what did you have to accomplish/what what was the issue or problem
Action - how did you solve this issue/what steps were taken.
Result - what was the final outcome.

Overall be upbeat. During the interview don't EVER put yourself down. Even with the famous questions "what is one think your previous supervisor would change or say that you need to work on." Turn the question about to something like: "One thing my past supervisor would stay that I can improve is sometimes I tend want to help out too much. If I see someone struggling I always try and offer assistance." Remember to turn a weakness into a strength (sorry I just got off work so if a lot does not make sense please don't blame me lol).

Coolnite7, Yesterday at 8:48 PM
Red card info:
5% REDcard™ Discount program rules
(Scroll down for REDcard™ Extended Returns and Free Shipping at program rules)

When you use your Target Debit Card™, Target Credit Card™ or Target™ MasterCard® (each, a “REDcard™”) at Target stores or, you will receive 5% off your purchases. If you use a REDcard in the same purchase transaction with another form of payment, the 5% discount will apply only to the purchase amount tendered to your REDcard. 5% discount applies to eligible purchases minus any other discounts and the value of any promotional Target gift cards received in the transaction. Target reserves the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this program at any time.

5% discount does not apply to the following:

  • Prescriptions, over-the-counter items located behind the pharmacy counter and clinic services at Target
  • Target Optical™ eye exams
  • Target gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Previous purchases
  • Certain restaurant merchants in Target stores, such as D’Amico & Sons Italian Kitchen, Freshii and Pret A Manger
  • Target credit account payments, Target Debit Card cash back and cash advances on the Target MasterCard
  • Gift wrap and shipping and handling charges on purchases
  • Wireless protection program purchases and deposits required by mobile carrier
  • Where otherwise prohibited by law
REDcard™ Extended Returns program rules
(Scroll down for Free Shipping at program rules.)
When you make purchases with your Target Debit Card™, Target Credit Card™ or Target™ MasterCard® (each, a “REDcard™”) at Target stores or, you will receive 30 additional days to return the purchases beyond the standard return policy applicable to each of the purchased items. Target reserves the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this program at any time.

REDcard extended returns do not apply to the following:

  • Target Mobile purchases
  • Purchases with a fixed return date
  • Non-returnable items
On good training:
I completely agree with explaining the big picture and WHY things are done a certain way. Giving a brief overview of the process, or how your role fits in the store is EXTREMELY helpful. Target has a different way of organizing duties within the store, and how teams interact with each other than other retailers. Explaining how this works is a good way to start.

I always recommend using a checklist of some sort. I know Target used to have training brochures, but since 'all stores aren't the same' it may be helpful to create one specific for your store's processes. Doesn't have to anything fancy, but if you're going to be training people a lot, it'll be nice to have so you are consistent from trainee to trainee.

The recommended training at my company is:
-Tell: Tell the trainee what you are doing and why it's important
-Show: Show the trainee the task you want to complete. Explain what you are doing while you are doing it.
-Do: Have the trainee confirm understanding by having them complete the task
-Review: Provide feedback to the trainee.

Most people respond to positive reinforcement more so than negative reinforcement. Be positive, and point things that they are doing well, but be constructive when correcting someone.

Always let the trainee ask questions!

bullseyekindaguy, Jan 20, 2017
On Etl interns:
You will be offered an ETL position at the end of the summer internship program. You must receive a "meets expectations" during your bieeekly statuses, receive blessing from training ETL and STL, and successfully complete the Operational Review at the end of the internship.

Once the Operational Review is completed, you'll receive a phone call from the recruiter for your area with an offer. This is typically scheduled during one of your final internship shifts.

Extended Internships are completely optional, and not required to move forward as an ETL. If you are interesting in an EI, make your interest known, especially with the DTL.

EI's schedules vary... some work on special projects within the store, others may learn a different workcenter, some do LOD shifts a couple times a week, and others just work during the holiday season. Since you retain your internship pay rate, payroll challenged stores may not be able to "afford" extended interns. I was the only EI in my internship class of 10 to get one.

If you do EI, make sure your expectations are clear with your ETL trainer and STL. My summer internship was in logistics, and my extended internship was in Guest Experience... I was supposed to keep mentor and coach a struggling GSTL, and was basically a Sr. GSTl (minus opening/closing solo)... but then my STL blasted me for not being global enough. Just be clear on your role as an EI... a bad EI can result in your original offer being pulled.

Honestly, while I didn't have the greatest experience as an EI, it did give me the push to pursue other career opportunities. And I'm very thankful for that experience.
On branch messenger:
We got an email this week from HR Vice Prez that some locations have been selected to test a shift swap app called branch messenger. It will supposedly allow you to view your schedule and swap shifts from home. And no more chasing down an LOD for a signature.

We are supposed to have a rep come to our store on Monday to setup a tablet and begin the training process for HR uploading the schedule. Any other HRTMs have their store serving as a guinea pig.

Here is their website

Branch Messenger - swap shifts, message coworkers, and view schedules
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