Archived CSE Wall hangs

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Nov 10, 2011
Can anyone point me where I can find the part numbers for the large CSE wall hangs? I cant find anything on mysupport, these arent on any of the planograms and TIPP search couldnt find anything.

You mean the large 4-5 panel rail graphics? You should be able to find them by doing a search for "RTW Instructions" or RTW Instruc" in TIPP. You'll then have to go through the few pages that show up in order to get the appropriate verbiage and sizing.
If you put in CSE and 68" you will get all the dept, then pick the one you want.
Size does matter. :)
you can also mysupport for these. just put in dummy numbers 999-99-999 etc and explain that you need the CSE focals. they will ask you what size your store focals are and go from there
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