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Oct 16, 2011
Hello fellow TMs,

I'm being shuffled without much training from the front lanes to dayside backroom at my Super Target, and needless to say, I'm going to need a bit of assistance. From what I can gather, it's all about pulling merchandise as needed onto the floor. I have limited experience with the PDA and am pretty unfamiliar with the layout of my backroom. If any of you have any tips, hints, advice, etc. so I can look like I sort of know what I'm doing, that would be great. I have already read the Backroom Guide, so any additional information from you great people who know it best would be much appreciated!

Thank you in Advance!
Check out our guides & use the search function for backroom & PDA! We have alot of info for you. Make sure that you get backroom cert of equipment & PDA.
Yep, your two big responsibilities as BR Day are pulling the hourly CAFs from 11am to 5pm (7pm during holiday season), and backstocking freight from the truck and from the hourly pulls. Your backroom team lead and trainers will hopefully be pretty hands on in your orientation with the backroom layout and PDA. Sadly those little guide brochures they give you are outdated/not very detailed but it should have taught you the very basics of pulling (Following prompts on the PDA to "un-locate" merchandise in the backroom and staging it for the salesfloor team to work onto the floor) and backstocking (locating merchandise so the system can pull it again when needed).

Your backroom is divided into

Receiving/Bulk - palletized products like paper, pet food and litter are stored here.
Light duty or "stockroom" - divided into a few dozen aisles, which are organized by fillgroup. This is a four letter abbreviation like GRC1, SHO1, PLAS that helps you identify what kind of merchandise is stored in these aisles. You're in a Super T, I'm a little unfamiliar with how these differ from GM or PFresh stores as far as cooler/freezers go and how those additional kinds of foods are stored.

Don't worry about not knowing what you're doing! That's understandable seeing as this is the first time you're stepping foot back there! Ask all the questions you need to in order for you to understand the process through which you execute your tasks, and ask again if you forget or didn't understand the first time. It's important to realize how you're impacting the system as you pull and backstock, so you know what to do in case you make a mistake - which everyone does. We are here for you as well, so after you work a day or two, feel free to post your questions here and myself or some of the other logistics guru's here will be able to help you along.

Good luck!
Sorry, I started writing my response before you posted. The OP had mentioned he was reading the target training brochure.
Thank you for your responses.

I was actually talking about the guide here on Break Room, but I will make note of the Target brochure. I'm still working out my last few cashier shifts and I'm not even sure if I will be getting a proper training session, so the information in the guides available here have been very helpful. If I get the brochure I'll probably be pretty okay with the PDA, despite its vagueness. I pick up on navigating user interfaces pretty quickly. Maybe I could poke around on my PDA during my break to see all of the apps and options available. I know that really helped me prepare for certain situations on the lanes when I learned all of the functions.

I've been in the Backroom all of about 4 times, so I vaguely recall the sections you are talking about now, Sage. What can you tell me about the specifics as far as the pulling and backstocking processes go? Is there anything I should look out for while I'm still learning the ropes?
How is your training going? Do I need to answer the same questions you posted earlier?
I won't be starting training for a little while. If you'd still like to explain that would be great :)
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