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That new deal with the Canon T3 helps. 150 off when you get the zoom lens and camera bag. Then of course they need a memory card too. I was able to do all that AND a 3 year service plan to boot!

Overall it's not too hard to push accessories without LOOKING like you are trying to upsell or hard sell. If it's a TV just ask if they need an HDMI cable. Do they need a game or extra controller with that 360? Cameras are the easiest because they need memory cards. Hardest are the GPS, because most people don't think they need anything else. Try suggesting a case to keep the it safe in the car. Or maybe a dash mount as they only come with the windshield mount.

One thing I notice especially though is that attachment rates take a big dive when we have gift card deals because guests want to use them then on accessories. The best you can do there is just try to sell an ESP.
Just figure out what accessories go with the qualifying items. Video game zystems need games or controllers. Cameras need batteries and memory cards. iPods need iTune cards or cases. TVs need cables, batteries for remotes.

Know the accessories when the guest picks out the item to purchase. Not at the register.

When guests want a TV, inquire on how they have TV setup. Either straight cable or cable box. Figure out what cables the guests might need.
We cannot get our attachments green. We try try try try and try. Nothing. FAIL. Our STL is even throwing in the towel.
When selling a flatscreen, would wall-mount hardware be considered an attachment?
I have equal hours with the other team members in my department but I do roughly 80% of the attachments at times. (we track individual attachment sales) It's gotten to the point that I always try to do the majority of sales, and management likes to pull everyone but me out of the department. We are green YTD, and most of the time green WTD even when the majority of the district has been red. I've tracked my personal rate and it swings between 100-200%.

The reason any of this matters is everything is a matter of gauging the guests perception and needs. You need to be professional and convincing. The guest needs to trust you. Make sure to suggest items they may need after asking what they will use the device for. Don't hard sell, simply sell the value of the purchase. Pressuring the guest will almost always fail. Emphasize how much money they will save over time if possible. Talk about convenience of different attachments, the majority of guests are there for that exact reason to begin with!

An example of a typical sale for me:

*Guest is looking at wii demo display*
Hi, do you have any questions about the wii? Anything I can help you with?
Guest: Yes I'd like one.
Me: ok, would you like some additional controllers to play with friends?
Guest: I don't have any friends.... *sad face*
Me: I'll be your friend...
Guest: OK! can I have a couple?
Me: Were you interested in any games today? Zelda is good, mario is very popular and simple to play...
Guest: Yes, those sound great.
Me: Would you also like to protect the system from normal wear and tear, surge protection, and manufacturer defect for 2 years? it's 17 dollars.
Guest: Yes that's fine!

Bam 5 attachments on one transaction. I do it with nearly all consoles unless they are replacing a broken one in which case i usually only get an esp sale and sometimes a red card.

Also red cards. The key to getting them is simple.

Don't do this:

"Would you like to save 5% today by opening a redcard?"
"Would you like to open a redcard?"
"Would you like to save 5% today?"

Do this:

"Would you like to save 5% on everything in the store every day?"

Who is going to answer no to that? There have been guests that have told me (after signing for their new redcard) that they were never interested until I phrased it that way. Or they were confused as to the benefits. You have to sell it to them simply, make it seem like a clear choice.

It's just too bad that due to staffing issues you really don't have time to make great sales and provide the guest service that most guests have come to expect. I have been coached for spending too much time making sales and providing guest service. I was told "You are 50% guest service, and 50% task" My response was "If guests are ignored, they don't come back. If they don't come back it doesn't matter if the store looks like it did on opening day. We are all out of a job" I got sighed at and that was that.
GlobalTargetTM, I really hope you're higher than a N03. If not, Target is getting a hell of a deal on you. You sound like an AMAZING electronics team member, and I can't believe you got coached on it.
My store is in the top 200 YTD and is generally in the 60's-70's in Attachment rate. We are always green.

I am the new TL of the area and our goal is to get in the top 100 I'm just trying to find ways other teams drive it.

Does anyone play like games...competition's, etc.
I have equal hours with the other team members in my department but I do roughly 80% of the attachments at times. (we track individual attachment sales)

How do you track individual attachment rates? Manually? Or is there something on Workbench to do so?
The way I know they've done it in the past is by the honor policy...Obviously if everyone has great attachment scores but the team is struggling to float. Your team is lying to you.

If you absolutely wanted too, you could use EJ viewer to go through a couple transactions to track attachment.
GlobalTargetTM, I really hope you're higher than a N03. If not, Target is getting a hell of a deal on you. You sound like an AMAZING electronics team member, and I can't believe you got coached on it.

I was recently promoted to N07. The other team members with me are all N09. I started at minimum wage. Thanks for the compliment, most of the time I feel like I'm not doing enough.

We track them manually, with the honor code. It works at our store but it may not work for everyone. We also run competitions.

I am however moving on from Target. I'm very much guest focused, and Target is getting away from this. I'm going to be working in the I.T sector full time again.
I'm hoping to break into this sector full-time as well!

The main advice I have is this....

You have to be willing to work hours that no other person is willing to work.
You have to be willing to relocate at the drop of a pin.
Prepare to spend insane amounts of money on college, training, certifications, and renewals.

If you can do those three alone, you have already massively improved your chances. Most people lose at number 2 or can't afford number 3. With enough motivation you can do anything you set your mind to. Good luck! You have always struck me as a highly motivated individual.
Global, you really are an inspiration for an electronics tm like myself. I've been talked to for not leverging our ESPs sold in electronics against what the front end is selling. This week our ETL for electronics told me that being in a dead heat with the front end for ESPs sold last week was a disturbing trend. I told him that effort is there and that I do try to spend real time with the guest and be honest with them on what they do need. Plus BF killed our attachment score, I'm told it does every year since guests are just focused on checking out and not on getting cables, etc. Anyone else notice a drop in their attachment score post Black Friday?
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