Archived Fall electronics transition date?

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Oct 1, 2011
I work in a store in NJ and I've been looking forward to buying a newly-released Canon camera. (The SX40 HS)....Amazon has been shipping it for the past week and it seems as if photography-specific stores are getting it now. I'm just wondering when Target will start selling it. (my store of course, but the website may suffice).

The camera that it is replacing, the SX30 IS, has been listed as out of stock at for the past three or four weeks, but there is no SX40 HS listing there yet. It's not even a camera that will sell out immediately, it's just the one I've been planning for. I already have the manual, thanks to Canon's website!

Does anyone have an educated guess as to when our stores may receive this particular camera? Could it already be in our distribution centers and embargoed?
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