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MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

Jan 27, 2020
Yep. I have seen several new (and old) tms walk into an aisle, and look around all *confused.* Several times the wrong item is picked up, scanned, and put back. Then the correct item is chosen.

And the product is where it's supposed to be. It's not a zoning issue, in my area.

I had a regular tm ask me 2x for help finding a product that was in the correct location... on the shelf. But I appreciate that he asked before hitting INF.
I just call this "hey can i borrow your eyes i might just not be seeing this item" Sometimes it's on a unlocated endcap or staged in our stockroom.


Fulfillment Expert/Former F&B TL
Jun 19, 2014
Oh for some additional info on fresh OPUs. (Apologies in advance for making all Market TMs, Fulfillment TMs, Market TLs, Fullfillment TLs, GM ETLs and SDs groan in pain.) We did finally get some answers on an issue with fresh OPUs. There is a list of approximately 150 items that Target assumes you always have in stock. You can and will get orders for these items one time a day. If they are INF'd, you will not get any more orders for them, unless they are in the gun at the time.

It doesn't matter if you actually have the items or not. The assumption is that you are always fully stocked. So, let's say that your market team doesn't order kiwis because everytime they have done so no one buys them and they just have to throw them all out? Too bad. Target.com assumes that you have them so they can be ordered. Vendor running low on skim milk so didn't bring any in that morning? Too bad. That's an INF. Completely out of 80/20 beef because all of it that came on yesterday's FDC truck already sold, but someone ordered 5 packages for pickup? Too fucking bad. Bread vendor hasn't shown up yet that day so you're supply of Gluten Free Cinnamon Swirl 57 Grain But No Wheat Specialty Bread that is so fucking hyper specfic you at max only have 3 loaves in the store at any given time is completely diminished? HaHaHa! Too motherfucking bad. You're going to have to eat that INF.

This is driving my store's market TL crazy. We've taken to ordering things with absolutely no intention of putting them on the floor. We put them in the ambient room just in case someone orders them for pickup. Most of it gets tossed though. Such a waste.
This is so fucked up. Target‘s inventory management is so trashed.
Sep 30, 2017
Anybody have inventory and it screwed up most of the oh? That and missing lots of clothing that is suppose to be here has been a pain in the ass.
Nov 14, 2013
Anybody have inventory and it screwed up most of the oh? That and missing lots of clothing that is suppose to be here has been a pain in the ass.
Someone is not doing their audits. <looking at you Style team.> Cause they for a long long time Style didn't think it was needed to audit. So we were doing it and our INF dropped in half just for the work we did. Our TL said "Nope not you job." so we stopped and it shot up again and stayed that way until our INF was like %90 Style items. The DTL saw the numbers and came in as a surprise and did a deep dive in to Style and after that day we haven't had that problem. She kicked ass and took names cause she was pissed at what she saw.