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May 22, 2012
First, you should know I am NOT a team lead. I work Softlines Flow. In my "team" of 5, I would be considered the leader. (Or that is how it seems.)

I do not do GTC's unless people EARN them.

You have to do your job, and do it well.


You have to be seen helping a team member, or a guest.


You have to go above and beyond YOUR JOB.

With the exceptions of one team member, none on my team do that. Therefore, I dont write the GTCs. I dont care if I am "punished" for not writing more. Its not my job for patting you on the back and saying good job for showing up for work.

One team member... needs a FTC every day (F being for FAIL.) 30 minutes of shoes, and she stretches it for four hours. :huh:
average about zero a month, unless i want to make fun of somebody in a backhand way, or take a dig at whatever the current focus is on.

haven't actually written a real one in about two years :)
I write like 5-6 meaningless ones a day such as

"Hey Jim, nice job getting a RedCard today!"


"Hey Bob, thanks for pushing only 25 carts via Cart Pusher!"

Mostly so when ETLs are sorting they see my name a lot.. Doesn't hurt. + I give verbal recog to my team and that's all they need

One time our ETL-Remodel incorrectly armed the CO in the middle of the day. The alarm company had to call and get it settled and whatnot. I wrote him a GTC,

"Thanks for keeping our store safe today!"

He's an overall jerk to everyone.
I write them for people who help me and make my job easier.
If you pick up the fixture room, empty the trash when you don't have to, I'm writing a card.
I usually write one or two a day.
My SFT gets a lot of them.
I write them at 4 gtc's every shift. After getting my last review, I finally beat the not writing enough gtc's! I Do write ones for the folks who close at night or do ad setup.
Hmmm.... that would be a resounding 0! However, start throwing more GTC's to the BR and I might actually think about writing some. I have written about 2 during my whole time with spot.
i by far have consistently written the most GTCs in the store (probably average about 5 a day +/-). and meaningful ones too. not just thanks for showing up. it has to be something legit. i take the time out to write them and then read them verbally at the huddle. after getting an "E" on GTCs on my review i have no motivation to keep doing so.
ZERO! Its all a bunch of physcological BS to try and make you feel better about working a c*** job with absolutely no future.
I use to write a lot of GTCs but the last time I did one was for a cart attendant who went above and beyond his job. I'm not a TL, just an ordinary TM but I think I should be writing more GTCs.
i use to write tons and decorate them with stickers. i still have my 1st gtc from orientation 7 yrs ago. i have some from tm that are really special to me personally.
if you don't go to huddle at my store, you don't get a gtc. if you go to huddle, you get one no matter what you did/didnt do. "thanks for making sales". yeah. i can tell you every thing i did to impact sales within a days time. do i think my etl can tell me what i've done to impact sales for the day? NO WAY. i haven't even spoken to an lod this week. literally. so when i get one of those, especially "thanks for cihyfs", it's hard not to roll my eyes.

i wrote them gtc for writing gtc the other day for my team, along with a snack as thank you. i have one guy who doesn't write any, but he gives great verbal recognition during every huddle. i tend to lean toward food, or cheesy things for recognition. i may average 5 a week on a good week. sometimes lots more if logistics helps us out.
When I was GSA, I averaged about 5/week because I wrote them for people who REALLY deserved them.
So, no, you're not getting one for remembering your name badge, tying your shoes so you won't trip, wearing your pants high enough to cover your boxers, FINALLY getting a shirt in something that resembles red, not wearing something offensive in your lobes/nose/eyebrow/nipple, getting here ALMOST on time, staying at your lane (instead of wandering off).....
I protest against GTC's. I find them a stupid and pointless waste of time for all involved.

At one time I saw value in the program but not anymore. It just seems like a giant waste of time for all involved because the amount of them of being handed out is ludicrous. Heh, the number of the GTC's has simply been hyper-inflated into nothingness. Why do I receive a GTC for picking up a mess one time? I would love to receive a GTC that said "Thank you for being so proactive against messiness the last few months," or something less corporate whorish sounding.

The other thing I don't get it is why people are so anal about location. Some people honestly think that it matters if somebody did a good thing in toys and another department. If you see something that is good being done by a fellow team member, then the recognition of what they did should be enough. Hammering people for writing team members without all the necessary details is like yelling at people who are encouraging others because you don't understand the language.

Thankfully we have seen some good thinking in what is coming out of corporate these days regarding this. They launched Gigantic Great Team Cards but for some reason they only lasted two weeks before they were all recalled. It would have debased the entire program out of existence.
maybe if they had a contest on who could write the best GTC...

maybe if there was a LIMIT on how many you could write...ya know like you only get 3 timeouts in a game, so you better make em count...

Maybe deep down inside, it was meant to be an exercise in mindfulness, gratuity, and thanks giving...

But let's be real, it has become a thing that arouses a lot of negative emotions, people are suspicious of the motives, and it's upsetting

when they do things like take away health insurance, give out ten cent raises, etc, etc, but encourage you to write all the GTCs you

want, because Target values you so much!
I only write them when somebody does a GREAT job or goes out of their comfort zone. I have written 6 this month; 2 to hardline team members for coming over to SL to help zone, 1 to a cart attendant for him bringing us hangers when we asked, and 2 to our softline team members who rock the reshop. My ETL admitted to me that most of the TL & ETL gtcs in our store is to find one thing that the person does/did well to try and get them to do better. WTH??!!! But he did it to explain why I didn't get any from them....again WTH??? Isn't it the ones who do their job and do it well the ones we should be recognizing?
If you average mine out, I probably write one a month. However, if you average out the serious, non-snarky, non-joke GTCs... well, I, well, I don't think I've ever written one of those.

If someone does something good and helpful, I thank them. There's no need to bring pen and paper into the situation. I tend to write one of my friends non-sensical ones--a safety card for rigging hangers together to pull down a balloon or recognizing how since he started working there, there have been no attacks from evil wizards. Both of those were safety cards.
Working overnight we almost never make GTC's ,then TM's complain when we have raffles that dayside always wins them.Every couples of months when our ETL-OPS & STL do their visits they push for more GTC's, TM's start making cards for like a week then stop.
Geez, I write at least 6 a day. I think there are plenty of reasons to thank someone, or recognize them for a job well done. How about thanking a cart attendant for getting carts in the storm or when its 20 below and blowing snow? Sure they are hired to get carts but come on, they work in some pretty crappy conditions and at the lowest pay grade. You can write one for a guest service team member that handled the situation professionally while being screamed at by a guest? Surprise your ETL with one after they jumped in and helped you out with freight or finding the answer to something. Sure sometimes it seems like you are writing them to people for "just doing their jobs" but there are quite a few team members who take the time to do it really well and that should not go unnoticed. We have a GSTL that is great at speed weaving and keeps us off the lanes. You bet I write her great team cards for managing the front end like a pro. Have you ever come in to a great zone in an area? Why wouldn't you write one to the person that actually took the time to zone for accuracy and not for looks. What it really boils down to for me anyway is making sure that the people who really do their job well, know it is appreciated.
tellme-I do write the GTC's for things like that, problem is it doesn't happen often. I will write one for the way our closing LOD this weekend rocked the RTW re-shop. She did a z-rack each night faster than most of our regulars!!!
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