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I work in a store that has a warehouse so that if we have something out of stock in store and we have it in stock at the warehouse we can have it sent over. I was wondering if any other store has this and I was also wondering if anyone else hates it as much as I do?

If we get the item and call the guest sometimes they still send it back to the warehouse. Nine times out of ten it gets pushed to the floor. Sometimes there is only you at the desk so how are you supposed to make sure that there are notes on the items to make sure they stay back there? Then there are the LOD's who want you to clear the stuff out when each guest is supposedly given 48 hours to come pick it up. If you decide to keep the items at the desk so that they are there for the guest you have to also worry about the LOD yelling at you for the clutter. No one at the desk keeps track of them really and no one works at the desk everyday so it would be hard to do anyway. As with most things at Target, if I want something changed I guess I have to change it myself.

There are so many issues with how they are processed and handled and as the season goes on, I know that it is only going to get worse because we are not allowed to guest request toys so that's going to go over so well with the parents and the grandparents trying to get that one toy for xmas.


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We're supposed to no longer hold items past closing but it depends on your leadership. It's kept us clear & simple.
Absolutely NO holds on clearance.
Holding items is usually at the discretion of the guest service team member or in some cases fitting room operator. We are not allowed to hold clearance and we are allowed to hold anything including toys as long as it's not sale or clearance. Those are the rules at our store as I understand them. We are not allowed to hold toys or electronics during the holidays as it is first come, first serve but we can hold other regular priced items.

Yes, our Target has a warehouse to hold our backstock, not sure where it is though. Guest requests are not really holds so much as they are promised merchandise if we are out of it in the store. We order the item from the warehouse and call the guest to come get it. I guess it does sound a little weird but that's just how we roll I guess.


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At my store, we can't hold anything at all during the holidays, clearance or not.
Our leadership said the same during last Christmas. Probably do the same this yr, too. Def easier at SD. A few guests get indignant but we tell 'em it's because of the holidays. Most are understanding.

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You have a warehouse attached to your Target?? Whattttt?
You can see this a lot in high volume stores either in cities where space is an issue or a store that has grown beyond its projected sales maturity and the stockroom wasn't designed to hold as much product as the sales require, so an offsite warehouse is built to hold it all! I have yet to actually be in a store that has one of these, but my store is currently growing at a rate that will require it within the next couple years...