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Has your store ever had....

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Alaska 5000, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Trainer

    No one has at my store yet since ive been there. I worked at another retailer; we had a dude take his lunch and not come back. The manager tried calling him to make sure he was okay. He was like I don't like your store managers managing lol It makes me crack up now because the store manager used to be an ETL-LOG for Target. :rolleyes:
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  2. TallAPGuy

    TallAPGuy Team Leader

    We had one GSA go to lunch, come back from lunch, say that he was taking a better job offer, and leave. That's about the worst from leadership walking out.
  3. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader

    Had an electronics TM cuss out our STL and then say he was going to work for walmart.
  4. HardlinesGuy

    HardlinesGuy TPS District Trainer

    We had 3 overnight flow TM's LOCU the produce cooler and throw the wacos all over the floor and then walk out. Took 2 days to fix.
  5. garbage

    garbage Former TPS / Current Security Officer

    Just had the Starbucks TL walk out mid shift the other day. The LOD contacted AP because there was a massive line at Starbucks, but nobody working there. We reviewed video, and found her finishing making a drink, walking away, cleaning out her locker and leaving.

    Also, a few months ago, the STL coached our ETL-LOG. After the coaching, he grabbed his shit out of his office and walked out.

    Also, last year, during a floor walk, the shy quiet softlines TL walked up to me out of the blue and basically had a melt down. Never showed up for work again. Not really a walk out, but it caught everyone off guard.
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  6. Stubio

    Stubio Senior Executive Cart Attendant Team Leader

    None in the 2 years I been working here, there's been a few TMs that have walked out though.
  7. Kaitii

    Kaitii You're gushing all kinds of fluids again

    I heard the market TL walked out a few weeks ago but that's about it
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  8. glo

    glo Food TL

    Eh, at that point you're fucking over your former co-workers.
  9. Midoninger

    Midoninger Team Member

    then nothing of importance was lost.

    my TL almost quit like a week ago. thankfully the STL was coming in as it happened. this resulted in an LOD ban for market. good times.....
  10. indigo25

    indigo25 Every day I'm QMOS'n

    We have had a few TMs walk out, but not leadership. We have had an ETL-Log text all of the other ETLs/Srs at 4am saying he couldn't handle it anymore though. Our STL is making the store a nightmare so I think most of us have considered it.
  11. Deli Ninja

    Deli Ninja Formerly Softlines Ninja (Now in Deli Flavor)!

    I once walked out... almost 2 hours after my shift was supposed to end. It was the last NCNS from someone who'd put in their 2 weeks and not bothered to show up for their 2 weeks. The LOD insisted that I needed to keep the deli open until 9pm. Thankfully the ETL-HR was there and had my back when I had a breakdown, straight up told me to make sure the deli wasn't going to burn down and go home.

    When I used to work SL, I had a TM who I'd just trained the week prior go to lunch and never come back. She seemed to be doing well, but some people just aren't cut out for retail.
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  12. dannyy315

    dannyy315 Team Leader

    Oh I've been in that situation before. I appreciate the extra hours, but it's annoying when you have to cover for someone else last minute.

    And are you at a super target? I've never seen a deli inside Target before.
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  13. HRZone

    HRZone Executive Team Leader

    We don't have them in my state but it's pretty amazing they have bakerys too.
  14. desertcoyote

    desertcoyote Team Member

    Years ago, an AP team member was fed up with the AP ETL and barged into the STL's office while the HR ETL was there and basically laid out all the issues that the AP ETL had been hiding and said he was done working in such a messed up department. An hour later the District AP leader came in, interviewed the other AP team members and we never saw the AP ETL again. Which was fine with me, the AP ETL did not have any leadership skills at all.
  15. Deli Ninja

    Deli Ninja Formerly Softlines Ninja (Now in Deli Flavor)!

    I am, indeed, at a Super! We have Deli, Produce, Bakery, and Meat all separated as far as TMs go, with a TL for each except Meat (although this is supposed to be changing eventually). It's really nice when there are enough hours to go around. When there aren't, it can get to be a bit of a disaster, what with TMs quitting and stuff like one Deli TM having to cover Bakery, Meat, Deli, and Produce all at once because of gaps in coverage and no scheduled overlap. I enjoyed it when I first transferred to Deli and for about the first year, things were pretty good. Now everything's just royally screwed up.
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  16. 2Spooky4U

    2Spooky4U Team Member

    Nope. We've had leaders go, but they all came quietly and gave either a two weeks or one month notice beforehand.
  17. BaristaChick16

    BaristaChick16 would you like to save 5% at sbucks today?

    At my old store, we had an overnight ETL pretty much lose his shit. He was a pretty big guy, at least 6'5", and was always stressed out.
    One night, a TM asked him a question and he started screaming at the TM, asking him what the hell was wrong with him, why he was so stupid, etc. He yelled at the person trying to calm him down, then threw his keys and equipment and bolted.
    A week later he was begging for his job back.
    Goes to show you can't always act on impulse/emotion.
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  18. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071     Layaway!

    I don't know if the GSA would've walked out, but at my store where I worked seasonal, there's a GSA who would try to power-trip on me and she would get mad (and probably hated me) because I'd call her out on her trippy bullshit.
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  19. glo

    glo Food TL

    One of our newer GSAs (He's very young and was promoted by our failing GE at the time) was acting superior to one of my TMs. She told him to respect his elders and he told her to "Respect her seniors" implying that he had any authority over her. All this right in front of me.

    I tore him apart.
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  20. dani346

    dani346 Team Member

    not sure if it was mid shift or anything but when i first started, our store team leader just up and left one day.