How Bad Is Your Store?

How in hell would anyone even ZONE this?!
Fencing on the front, magnetic plexi things stolen from Video Games (to prop the pillows upright) and lots of patience.

Toss everything on the floor - before opening. Or onto a uboat or in a cart. -- section by section.

Largest pillows on the bottom, and sort by size. - since strips have been pulled.
I would probably also sort by color.... like colors together. I am usually partial to ROYGBIV - way before Home Edit was a *thing.* or left to right, light to dark
Adjust shelf height as needed. - should be the same all the way across, though.

obviously, pull out anything designated for bedding or Home Decor v. Domestics.

person that has zoned the wall numerous times, but usually still had the strips in, but has zoned pillows w/o strips, too.
person that has dumped everything off an endcap or a gondola to start over, as well.
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Ours doesn't look quite this bad but its getting close, it is 1) impossible to zone since people will pick up every pillow and put it back in the wrong spot and 2) if it was done to pog you could only fit maybe 1 or 2 pillows of each type and people will buy anything that is on the floor since it would require pulling this isle multiple times at day at my store to keep it stocked
I don't know what dumbass thought shelves were a good storage mechanism for pillows anyway--this will NEVER be able to look good with these big pillows they seem to want to sell. They need to get off their brand high horse and get some bins.
Actually it just looks like bunch of overstock and also some of the shelfs seems to be off as well. You can still have it on shelfs slope down with some fencing and make it look pretty.