How do you act as a guest in other stores?

Never wear a red shirt when shopping at another Target if you actually want to get your shopping DONE.
When working there, I one time wore forest green and someone came up to me asking for help. I swear, "Target" was stamped into my forehead. How do you get Target colors out of forest green?

Sadly, I think I'm turning into a Karen. Now that I've seen the standards expected, now that I've performed those standards, I expect the same from other retail workers, no matter what business. If any mouth off or are rude, or otherwise make it clear that I'm a burden and they don't need to help, I'm quick to run to a manager. Big difference between "can't" and "won't", big difference between bad day and rude, and now I call them out on the latter. The former though, that's a smile and sympathetic talk, since they can't help whatever it is.
I don't let on that I'm a TM, but I will talk smack to whomever I'm with about all the jacked-up stuff I see. I will compliment stuff I like as well. My discount is attached to my Target app so no issues there.

I shopped at another Target a few months ago, mid-morning, and the A & A clearance was a complete disaster. I swear half of it was on the floor, and no way that happened in the couple of hours they had been open, which means they must've closed that way. Plus, reshop everywhere. There were two people at the fitting room sorting, but they weren't exactly lighting the place on fire with any sense of urgency. I would've felt bad for them if they weren't joking around and having just a good old time while slowly hanging up stuff. I was just glad it wasn't me.
Every time I take a trip out of town, I always end up at a Target. If I forgot to bring something or decide I need something extra, it's easy to run into one and find what I need without having to do much searching. Plus the discount.

I've noticed at many other stores that the TMs don't ask you if you need help or even say hi. Frankly, that's the way I as a customer prefer it at any store I go to. I don't like being bothered when I shop. If I have a question, I'll find someone. And even then, I try not to ask for help cause I don't like bothering workers unless I really need to. But they've always made that such a big deal at my store. Although now it's more that they just want you to acknowledge the guest by simply saying hello. Too many guests complained that they were getting stopped by every employee asking if they needed help.

And if I see a rude customer situation (customer yelling at worker and management has to come over), I'll step over to the manager and speak up for the worker.
I do this thing when I’m walking through my store where I repeatedly look up, left, right, down looking for things out of place or anything broken. It’s just a PML habit some of us have. I do it at other stores because I’m judging them. I’ve noticed I’ve been tailed by AP a couple times because it does look a bit suspicious.
I sort of tidied up a vehicle at Chinamart while the associates were elsewhere. Funny to watch their reaction. Yeah I need to get out more....😏
I whip out my discount card (more on that later), my Red Card, scan my stuff and leave. I like SCO but still go to the registers. Always nice to the cashiers, I know the crap they have to deal with. No need for The Captain to interact other than being cordial and polite.