Archived How long did your PS Vita display lasted in your store?

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Jun 26, 2011
How long did your PS Vita display lasted in your store? (PIC)

2 days in my store. Set up Tuesday, gone by Friday at 4am (basically happened between 1400 to closing)

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What did they use, cable cutters?
We still have ours.
I'm guessing cable cutters but anything would do. The cable can easily be broken. You can probably break it in half by just using your hands if you put force on it.
It was still in our backroom yesterday,had not even made it to the salesfloor.
This was the same story with each of our Nook readers. Gone in a day each. Thankfully we weren't sent a live Vita display... doubt it would have lasted a full shift.
Our store was supposed to get one then was cancelled the day before launch. Though I am not surprised because we have no video game demo stations at my store. I hate not have demo stations. Only thing stolen from department I can think of is the Kindle fire display but that's about it. Knock on wood.
Yeah I was wondering about something like that happening. Thankfully it hasn't happened to us, however I wonder if somebody has already tried to rip ours off. There are scuff marks on the center plastic panel there, and the charging cable is already broken inside. We have to twist the cable around till the unit receives a charge.
Wow! My SFT told me about someone stealing one, but I didn't think it would have been that easy. Ours is still intact and on the floor.

Although, I have to say I was a little disappointed in the amount of information I received on putting up this display.
i.e. I didn't.
As a Sony rep, I can tell you that anyone who steals one is going to be in for a surprise.....

I cant remember but isnt the Vita on our displays like on a diffrent O.S like a Demo Only OS specifically for Target/Displaying not for actuall playing? (Similiar to the iphones)
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