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Nov 17, 2011
i am a seasonal employee but i am still on the schedule threw the 14th of jan. that is the last schedule that has came out. is that a good sign that i am still on the schedule? i was told that the seasonal employees are normally gone by the 9th of jan and that the store will give you a two week notice that they are not going to keep you and a letter explaining all that. if they do keep you do you get a letter stating that also or what? i have noticed some seasonal employees are not there anymore but i don't know if they quit or not.
I know my store made our choices of who we are keeping last week. I was told from HR that the last week they would work would be the 8th-14th I think. Dates may be slightly off. It doesn't hurt to ask your TL or etl if their is anything u can do to improve at your position. Show them you want to stay and are willing to learn, this may change their mind if your on the bubble. The 2 week notice although it's ideal I know that at times it's been as short as a 5 day notice.
If they're still giving you hours in the middle of January, I would think they're keeping you.
Shhhhhhhh. Don't say anything & they might not notice.
Thanks for the not kinda confused anymore lol...I received a letter stating that were going to keep me if I wanted to stay. That is a relief. I am really excited about it. I really like my job so this news has made my day :) .
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