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Electronics Man

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Jun 14, 2011
So back on the 7th it came across on message board that if we run out of the camera bundles, we are supposed to run special substitutions, and also it came across again yesterday! What exactly is it asking per se? I mean I get we are supposed to use the 3 items it gives us, but the register isn't doing anything as far as taking any discounts off. Are we just supposed to manually run a target coupon for the bag and the card?
Our store wasn't prompting for gift card on pretty much anything electronics until Tuesday. So yeah I imagine just sub a camera the percentage of the a2200 and either use a target coupon or price adjust the case and SD down to zero.

In fact if you price adjust that makes it harder for the guest to return the item and get one over on us.
There are instructions for this on the message board, can't remember the details but get a TL to print them of and post them.
I'd rather sell the subs than the actual bundles. I'm scored on AAR not sales so if my dept needs to bleed cash to keep that oh so important AAR score high then so be it.
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