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[New Team Member]

Apr 17, 2012
Hey all,

Here's a quick intro about myself:
  • Hardlines TL - 1.5 years (Target - 4 years)
  • Store - AAA, A+, really busy - however you want to call it
  • One of my strengths is Solves Problems so I will probably spend a lot of time in the "I'm Lost" forum.
  • I'm pretty bitter towards ETLs, and I apologize if I offend anyone. :sorry:

And to explain my name: I can usually identify which department the call button/red phone is in the second she says, "Fast Service."

That's about it.

Apr 19, 2012
working first retail job, been at Target u/ 6 months. Apparently am too nice & helpful to guest & other team members that I take to long to zone.