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Jun 10, 2011
Good day all, this question is for those who are taking LoA because they dont have somebody to take care of their kids.

my daughter is 10. And i thought she gonna be okay by herself with her virtual class. I have cameras at home so I can watch her and everything but i caught her looking pornography and im really concerned about cuz she is a minor. She also talking to other people online too that i ddnt know. So i decided to take an LOA so I can focus on her. My question is do you think I can get unemployment while im in LoA with Target? I cant afford to pay bills if im not working nor a baby sitter.

Ten seems really young to a lot of us old folks but you say she is pretty smart and of course, the obvious, she's a girl so mature faster and figure out a lot of things sooner then boys at that age.
I had two daughters and it was about that time that I felt like what had began as a marathon turned into the fastest sprint with the worst obstacle course in the world.
So yeah, I empathize with the position you are in.
It's not like the 70's when I could take care of my two little brothers when I wasn't much older, granted we didn't we didn't have running water or electricity but you get my drift.

What we did with my kiddos was just like the sex talk, only it was the internet talk.
Kids look at porn because they are curious and horny.
If you have already had the sex talk you can cover porn a bit.

Kids talk to other people on the net nowadays just like they do to the new kid at school.
It's not a big things for them, they grew up with it.
Don't freak out, just teach them how to be safe about it.

We explained it to our kiddos the same way we did gun safety.
The net is a great tool to meet people and have fun but it can be dangerous if you don't handle it properly.
That there are very hard and fast rules you just have to follow or you put yourself into a deadly situation.
And that had nothing to do with "Because we said so."

It's because they really don't know who the people are on the other side.
Even if you've been doing it for a long time you can still be tricked.
So don't take risks that can get you hurt, the same way you don't play with guns.

They can't give their real name.
They can't give their address or phone number.
They can't talk about sex or send pictures.
If somebody asks for those things, stop talking to them and tell your parents.

Is it a perfect solution?
Nothing is perfect but sometimes you have to give your kids the tools to work with and then support them to succeed.


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Mar 17, 2017
Even the real name and stuff is not enough. Years ago, when tracking people down wasn't as easy, some guy posing as a teenager found a girl from her first name, her age, her school mascot, the sport she played and her state. Luckily he was a police officer acting as bait for the real creeps posing as teens, so he had a talk with her father about cracking down on what she told people online. She didn't give a full name, didn't give an address, but he tracked her to her school and then worked backwards.

This was early oughts, and finding information online is even easier now. A few years ago, chatting with an online friend, as a joke I put all the information he had said during games in and he popped right up. It's stalker heaven. He said flat out that someone's going to get killed from that site's information.