No Call, No Show: Seasonal Worker

Dec 28, 2018
Hello, I had a question regarding a no call no show incident. I have been hired on as a seasonal team member (still within the 90 day probationary period), and I confused my schedule. I called in when I realized what had happened, but unfortunately it was well past the window of amnesty. I called in again the following morning to further explain my mistake. I had a similar incident that did in fact happen in earnest, and my team leaders chose to overlook it. I am good employee otherwise; I have always accepted last minute call-in shifts, I am never late, and I have even earned team member of the month. I discussed it with HR, and they informed me that I should come in during my next scheduled shift, and that there would be a discussion between the ETL and myself. I was just wondering what I should expect, and if I should just start searching for a new job...
Dec 30, 2018
You should look for a new job regardless since you said you're seasonal. And I'm sure the percentage is pretty low for the amount of people they actually keep. At my store, the seasonal people are finishing up the last of their shifts this week. I work in softlines and they're only keeping two people from what I've heard. The NCNS doesn't help your case, even if it wasn't intentional. As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst!
Jun 4, 2014
It depends on how bad they need bodies at your store and if you are good otherwise. Some years at our stores we keep a lot of seasonals even so so ones because we need the bodies. We still have the signs up for hiring. Other years they only kept about 1 in 10.