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Oct 29, 2011
I'm a seasonal TM and I know that your not suppose to get overtime hours or you will get coached for it and I got overtime. Its not alot of overtime. Only .70 hours of overtime. I was just wondering if i will get in trouble for it. I think this was during black friday.
Usually if it is under an hour of overtime and especially during BF week, most stores won't mind. During regular weeks though, HR or your ETLs might coach you for going over your regular scheduled shifts. They will tell you to keep a better eye on clocking in and out. If you think there is a need for you to stay or help out, then communicate that with the ETLs.

I worked an half hour of overtime at the end of the holiday season to help catch FA up since we had no FATL and the scheduled person didn't show up. So I stayed an extra 30 minutes. My ETL jumped on me for just 30 minutes of overtime. Luckily, he knew I was trying to help but warned me to communicate the need.
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Last black friday I had about half an hour of overtime. ETL knew that I'd be cutting it close, and told me not to worry and it wasn't a big deal. I was called to work on Saturday, and had to tell them unless they wanted to pay me overtime rate, I couldn't work anymore!

I was offered O/T once, before back to school, another store in our district needed early AM flow/HL help and overtime was approved if needed. Of course, during the summer, I was nowhere near 40 hours.
I think it depends on the ETL. Our former ETL-SF wasn't pleased if you got even five minutes of overtime, but I got half an hour one week (I'm at 1.6 hours for the year), and no one's said a word to me yet. Our former ETL-LOG let our former instocks captain get like an hour or two sometimes, and apparently they let that slide too.
Wow my store must be the outlier.... I am around 150 hours of OT for the year, not unusual at my store. This year OT was only not allowed in Feb and March!!! Otherwise it is a rare week if I have no OT!
Newbie here...what exactly is overtime considered? Any time on the clock past when I was supposed to punch out?
Ohh...LOL...well, I haven't been given even 30 hours a week yet, so no wonder I didn't know!

no need to worry about ot at my store,hours have been slashed for the next few weeks.
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